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  1. My dad had a piece of wedge fly off fast enough to embed its self in his hand and had to get the Dr to cut it out. It is not just getting something in your eye it is being "shot" in the eye with a piece of steel like the kid was. Ed
  2. I have a peter wright that my wife cant hear from the house 25 yards away with the doors closed. Just strapped it to the stump nice ant tight. Ed
  3. Frosty Not trying to argue that at all just that some of the new regulators do handle both fuels. I AGREE 100% with your above post. I can say that I am not as careful as I should be and I assume most are not. What happened with Jonnie is enough to scare anyone just because of what it might be and if we thought about what we sometimes do we should be scared of that to. Thanks Frosty. Ed
  4. It was in the Victor booklet that came with the set. Ed
  5. Frosty, Victor said my acetylene regulator would work fine with propane???????? I got it new a couple years and that is what victor said. Ed
  6. If you need any new tools check out the Amish stores. There is one just east of Quaryville in an old chicken house that is great. Don't remimber the name but ask around, you won't find it with out help. Ed
  7. Good info, Often it is hard to think of the simple things and teach them because they are just things you do and don't have to think about but you are doing a great job. Ed
  8. Wow makes my piece of oak fire wood look down right shabby. Ed
  9. Note to self keep the cows out of the shop because you have to wait for the pies to dry before you can pick them up. OK got it. I'll remember it now. Ed
  10. I like ti boil them until tender and then roll them in flour and fry. Very tasty dark meat, but only the young ones the older ones are to chewy. Ed
  11. Here in the east we have ground hogs. People have come up with many wild ideas on how to get rid of them, my way is to take a pint of gas and pour it on a rag and stuff it as far down the hole as you can and cover it with dirt. It is not as much fun as the ant volcano but in a few days you get to smell the not so sweet smell of success. Flemish
  12. I have heard that if you want round stock buy square and if you want square you should buy round. That way you get a true forged product. Flemish
  13. I just welded a piece of square stock that fit my hardie hole to the side of a pair of vice grips. I then welded the edge of a big washer to the tightening screw so I have more leverage to tighten it easier. Works well. Ed I weld something to all of the screws on my vice grips. Most things can be tightened with just the screw and you don't even have to worry about squeezing the handles.
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