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    East Tennessee, USA
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    Born way too late...
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    Blacksmithing (of course), reading, hiking, shooting...
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    PhD Student, Wildlife Biology

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  1. elkdoc


    Hammering hoof picks 2 Same poor hoof pick, different angle...
  2. elkdoc


    Hammering hoof picks 1 Here I am forging a used horseshoe into a hoof pick for a horse lover friend of mine. The hoof pick turned out horrible, so it stayed in my shop as a learning piece.
  3. elkdoc


    Mesmerized... Here I stand mesmerized by my coals...
  4. elkdoc


    First knife 1 My first forged blade! Forged from half an old horseshoe. I was more interested in the forging processes than the finishing, but all in all it ain't bad, I guess. And it cuts!
  5. elkdoc


    First knife 2 Knife forged from half an old horseshoe...
  6. Guardian of the Smithy Saw this ugly little gargoyle and had to have it. My lovely wife surprised me with it recently. Now it rides the wall high above the forging station in my little smithy and helps keep gremlins from the shop...
  7. elkdoc


    My forge, no hood My homebuilt coal forge, no hood yet...
  8. Gorgeous! Love the leatherwork, too.
  9. They already are... via Cable T.V. :o
  10. You may indeed. My 'training' is as a wildlife scientist. Lots of study design, research statistics, and science advocacy has been hammered into me over the course of my doctoral work. When it comes right down to it, though, I like to play with critters in the dirt. LOL...
  11. May God keep him safe.
  12. Recently was offered a 'real job'. One that will draw directly on my training yet still keep me out of the petty politics of academia. AND, they're working with me on finishing my doctorate while I'm there. They created the position for me. I even get to help write my own job description. Talk about blessings falling right in your lap! Plus, I'll be closer to where I grew up and when my bride of 8 years and I finally start ourselves a family next year, our kiddos will get to be near their grandparents. Yeehaw! Ain't God good?
  13. I really like that shovel! Very unique!
  14. Just wanted to jump in from the shadows and say thanks for the ideas you've given. I've been thinking of doing some bookends recently for my new office but hadn't given it much more thought than that. It sure would be a nice way to close down my shop before I pack it all up for a big move! See, you never know who you're helping by asking a question. :)
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