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Found 5 results

  1. I’m considering a 75kg Anyang power hammer for my shop. I know there are so many threads on here which talk about foundations and isolation pads, but there are so many variables, it seems impossible to have a one fits all solution. The Anyang is a one piece unit, which I would think is a bit more forgiving than having a seperate anvil, but then I’m not sure! We are very rural, but I have one neighbouring property, which is only about 50 meters away from the workshop. The couple who live there are not very forgiving about noise. Any noise. Last week whilst I was working in the shop, the guy shouted over and asked me if I could turn the radio down, as they could hear it in their house! Okay, it has a good base sound, but even so, he must have ears like a fruit bat. I obliged, but at the same time, I pondered my decision that is to have a power hammer within the coming year!!! The only option I can think of, other than having them “run out of town”, is to have a good isolation pad beneath the hammer. I realise that it will still be heard, but if I can at least stop the vibrations being transmitted through the ground, I’m sure I can argue the rest, as hell, we are on a rural 10 acre property, and we could be running heavy farm equipment if we so should wish. So, without having to sell a kidney to pay for design of a isolation pad, would any of you fine fellows know where I might get some good ballpark advice about what might be a sufficient type/mass of pad to be aiming for? I realise that when I dig out, I might need a water pump if the groundwater table is high, or, to pump out any ingress of water between the pad and the wall etc. But also a decent idea of how big this thing needs to be would be a great start. The 75kg is only a possibility, else I could even go with a 44kg hammer. I know the 44 doesnt need anything other than to sit on a standard workshop floor, but then I know ill have the same issue with the darn neighbours. So, ill have to try and isolate in any case I guess. A friend of mine runs a 15kg hammer, and his neighbours (who don’t mind) can hear it working, and they are maybe 80 mtrs away. That said, his is just sitting straight on the slab floor. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. ok, i apologize if i put this in the wrong place, ive searched the forums and used the search bar with just about every keyword on the subject and didnt find much. so before i get into this you need to know the history of my nutty next door neighbor. if you want to skip over that look for the *** on the thread so my workshop is a detached garage, my neighbors driveway and mine are butted against each other. since ive moved in here the guy and his crazy lady friend have been driving me nuts. thankfully after years of reluctantly having to call the cops over them doing xxxx like setting off the cars panic button at 2 am they for the most part ignore me. they pretend i don't exist. and over the years ive literally tried offering them the olive branch. and a few weeks later they take that olive branch and smack me in the head with it. i even contributed over 200 dollars to trim his tree which overhangs both our drives and made room for the tree guys truck. over a period of 3 years i have tried to negotiate, bribe, talk nice to, work things out. never raised my voice, never shouted an insult. his girl called my wife a xxxxx xxxxx and accused me of growing pot in my garage.... she even accused me at one point of threatening her with a gun through my window... really insane xxxx. thankfully the cops know her which means they know they are a problem. i get along very well with everyone else in the area and we help each other out. i think i live next to the black sheep of the neighborhood. which might come in handy if the dude tries legal action. my area the houses are pretty close, but i live in a loud town, lots of idiots on motorbikes revving, guys in mustangs peeling out on the main road a half mile away, the guy across the street overuses his leaf blower. the other neighbors always yell. so there are days where its quiet, and days where the city is full of life. i often hear train horns in the distance as well. so its not like im in some super quiet area. however after having my apprentice help me pound out a cutting hardy for myself and trying to hammer my side door straight we made a ton of noise. so dingus next door asked me to shut down at 3 pm on a Sunday. claiming ive been doing it non stop for weeks (i actually did so 2 weeks ago Saturday, and last Sunday) i really try to avoid confrontation and don't like to draw attention to myself. the man has a look on his face that he has some deep seated hatred for me and wants to rage but seems too intimidated to follow through. so its hard for me to approach him because i cant tell if he wants to kick my xxx or ask a question. ******** the meat of the issue. my power tools are fairly quiet, my doors are thick, i have a vulcan anvil and the stump it rests on has a foam mat under it. it doesn't bang much, but it being on a concrete floor creates a lot of a concussive force. almost like some dude driving by with loud bass. i also plan on buying a higher quality new anvil in the future. would a heavier anvil absorb said shock more? ringing isnt really an issue. i saw that sand boxes for these things helps mitigate ring, but im wondering if theres any way to make the ground thudding more quiet? i know im probably trying too hard to appease an irrational person, but i dont like making waves. and no, not everyone can afford a country farm in the boondocks. i plan to find a more rural area to live in some day, but i always believe build the home you want to live in, and not live in one like youre renting it. and after fixing up this house. and all the trouble i went through making the shop. i wont be uprooting and remodeling a worn down shack of a house in the boonies anytime soon. believe me ive looked.
  3. Hey guys.. I'm in the process of putting down some slabs for an outdoor shelter that Im planning on putting my forge in. Along with my anvil (such as it is) My question is, Since this is going in my back garden (in a residential area). Should I use sound insulation in the walls to minimize annoyance to neighbours, or will that just mean i'll need ear protection? What's your thoughts? What insulation would you recommend, if any?
  4. Morning All, Being the newby, I am slowly collecting tools and equipment, reading books, and trying to learn what I can. I have now started to think about where I am going to be working and practicing. During last summer I set up my little propane forge and RR tie anvil in the garage and moved them around as needed. Since I have decided to start using a solid fuel forge I can't continue to use the garage. My wife will never allow it due to the vehicles and her wool milling equipment that live in the garage. No big deal I have a metal sided shelter out in the livestock area that I store tractor implements and hay in. I can use part of that. I'll build everything onto movable platforms/pallets that I can pick up with the tractor. I have lots of used metal roofing I can use to enclose and cover everything. I am thinking further down the road to the possibility of setting up a small shed on its own where I could set things up permanently. That new "shed" would be in the backyard about a hundred feet from the house. In a couple years what types of materials should I look at using for control of the noise of a working smithy? I have read a few of the older threads that talked about this a bit. I understand the information about isolation of the power hammers and such heavy equipment but I am unlikely to ever have those. I am just looking at small power tools and the hammer. I am experienced with the use of mineral wool insulation, foam insulation (spray and board), and the use of drywall. Our house has an ICF foundation ($$$). I have looked at double walls ($$). Landscaping is too destructive to the yard... From my reading it seems that to reduce sound you need to absorb it or redirect it. So to absorb it I would need a combination of very dense and light materials. To redirect it I need something that will deflect it straight up. I am wondering about the usefulness of gravel gambions for absorbing and deflecting??? What else should I look at? you may wish to check your use of terms. a Rail Road Tie is normally made from wood, occasionally concrete, Some peopl have used R track sections.
  5. Hey guys Thordin here I have been browsing the web with a keen interest in blacksmithing mainly focusing on making armor/weapons/rings/necklaces, but am abit worried most people i see on youtube and this website seem to live on farmland or out in the country with neighbours far away while i live in the uk on council property with neighbours that are literally next door. So i was wondering if it would be legal to do blacksmithing with out being reported to the police for making to much noise hammering metal and also burning coal if any1 has any info that could help me id more than pleased. i have read stuff that says if it is counted as a hobby there are less restrictions but if none of you guys really know ill probably just go to my local police station/council to find the answers Thanks in advance