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  1. I need 27 j impact energy at -20C temp. for s235j2 (C:0.1- Si:0.04- Mn:0.45- P: 0.025, S: 0.02) what heat treatment cycle is good for this steel?
  2. thanks for your pay attention, what's the meaning of "how do you keep the oil suspendedhow do you keep the oil suspended" , really i can't realize the meaning of suspended for oil. the quench rate of oil is good, beacause in some products of AISI 4337 , we have quenching cracks.
  3. for some bundle we quenched in water and oil, the structure has ferrite with martensite and bainite. austenitizing temp. 860C Holding time: 60 min Dipping time:300 seconds moving time: 100seconds has anyone knowledge about existence of ferrite in quench microstructure?
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