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  1. Thanks for the suggestions I had the hard brick on top just for comparison only using it on the bottom: I did split the 3 in brick in half for the walls to give me more room :thouthought of coating the inside with a refractory cement
  2. The floor is two 4 1/2×9 bricks and one on each side my plan was to make the top 1 1/2 thinner on top
  3. For a small 9x9 gas forge which is why I asked in the (gas forge ) section
  4. So got some 2800 deg fire brick its 3in thick would 1 1/2 work for the top?
  5. Anyone have any pros or cons on using kiln shelves for a floor and top on a gas forge ?
  6. I was looking at ryno also but couldn't get any feed back from them seen hofman anvils and really like them but he having problems getting them made and cant give a delivery date learning towards a perun now
  7. Anyone knows who sells euroanvils now.
  8. Lyle Wynn will be competing on Forge in fire Tuesday nite folks
  9. Wasn't there a show on blacksmithin when CMT was a channel don't no why but I think the guy name was ken brown and they showed how to make a forge from a wheel barrow
  10. Okay don't tell no one bahahah 1/8x 1/4 flat bar you need 3 at least 36 inches long ,clamp them to a table or tack , use a torch it helps to have an extra set of hands so you can keep it tight ,on the MFC facebook page we have a short video of this process, but here is a ruff sketch I use a cowhide mallet to help flatten it after you finish run it in your forge to tighten it up heat and beat once again thanks to Wayne was a great conference
  11. 3 foot braid I made thanks to Wayne Phifer showing me how to do it at the MFC Conference
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