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  1. Well it certainly seems as if I have fallen into a group with you guys, my own story is a bit similar to Frosty's and Thor's, in high school I took every vocational class they would let me... in fact skipped english math and social studies to spend more time in the shop classes, it helped my shop skills tremendously but didn't do a whole lot of good for my scholarly learning.....I finished my 12th grade as a freshmen with a total of 7 credits for 4 years of school (tech classes only counted for .25 credits) although I did manage to finish my two years of science.... I like science. Grew up on
  2. I believe you guys mistook some of what I was saying.....I apologize, sometimes when I type I get ahead of myself, brain works much faster than the fingers, At work I get paid to waste my time teaching newbies, we normally get 12 at a time, of the twelve one...maybe two turn out to be "good ones" you better believe those one or two get the royal treatment, I will teach the star of the group to tram in a mill..have him or her do it twice with me...then teach his cohorts how to do it.... that way he gets to do it like 14 times in one day for lots of practice.....repetitions do sink in quite dee
  3. I can't believe I am commenting on a 4 year old post, but alas here I am and once again I have an opinion.... not being a blacksmith, as of now and totally being a newbie as I am I do want to make a sword...my original time line was like two years to make one, I am seeing that may be just a bit under-evaluated Some people talk about teaching classes that make a sword in a week...I commend you, those people that you teach are getting what they want, a sword they MADE with all bragging rights and such...it doesn't matter if the balance is off a bit...or if it has a couple hammer marks in it...as
  4. A sledgehammer wielding girlfriend, dude your so lucky...all my girl wants to do is buy shoes beautiful work BTW
  5. So people this is going to be quite off topic for this section and I assume it might get moved but oh well: So after reading quite excessively on this forum the last couple weeks I'm going to say once again, I am in awe with the amount of knowledge you people process, so my question...what kind of education, jobs, upbringing do you all have that gives you such a level of knowledge? Perhaps I am being over simple with this question, I also have most of the knowledge you have been demonstrating.... but I no where near reach your level of technical data. EX. I also know that acetylene is dangerou
  6. Thanks Thomas, I sure wish I had read your post before approaching the missus. Perhaps she would have said "sure" instead of "why don't you Exothermically Disassociate yourself" Johnny I'm glad you're getting the regulator, even though i kind of made a joke of your post i learned so very much, my personal lessons taught to me on torch tanks, "hey be careful of them or you will blow us all up" that and the results of a guy that used his tanks as a work bench cutting off a piece of steel on his tailgate.... I wasn't there until after all was done and over but I do know there was a closed casket
  7. Frosty, Once again I am humbled with the knowledge of you fine people. While I knew the importance of flashbacks on my torch set......I never knew why they were important other than to prevent a backfire. I have been using Oxy Acet. torchs for better than 40 years and while I knew they were "dangerous" tools I never thought too much about it, if I read your post correctly this is the first time I ever knew that Acet. had hydrogen as a component in it..... now hydrogen I have a strong respect for (in fact we can call it a fear). Years and years ago, about 1983 or so I worked with a self-proclai
  8. Holy Cow Thomas its posts like this that have me in a sense of wow with you, just between you and me did you make up the term exothermically disassociate and I can only guess but does it mean it burns? I'm gonna start using that as code word with my wife..."hey baby wanna exothermically disassociate with me tonight???? Sorry this might be a tad inappropriate but I am absolutely flabbergasted at the jargon you dumb XXX anvil beaters( this is said with the utmost sincere respect....as in cool is hot!) use. I'm not a overly stupid person and am amazed to think how close I came to spending my en
  9. I agree with you damsutt why can't these people just tell you what you want to know? Can't they see your a world renowned chef? Hells bells my exwife could cook a mean pot of mac N cheese, sometimes she would even put some cut up gourmet hotdogs in it!!! And a bee keeper besides, does that make you as smart as a black bear? I bet your no where as cute tho. And a woodworker to boot, you certinaly seem to be as anoying as a woodpecker. Even as a brand new newbie here, I can spot huge issues with your design, most of which have been addressed in many a post here including your own. So serious q
  10. Holy crap, I expected a whole lot of laughing with perhaps a bit of accidental peeing with that question.... so I'm good to go just going to my local menards store and buying these for the floor of my new forge? I have been very reluctant to buy bricks online because of the shipping issue....I just can't get over the idea of paying postage on rocks Thor do I understand correctly that you have the hard brick making up your brick pile forge?
  11. John if you look in my long drawn out post titled "more stupid questions from a newbie" you will find a lot of answers from frosty on how to make a Frosty T Burner, parts for the burners are quite cheap.. he also explains sizing requirements and gives me lots and lots of advice from my own experience do some research on this site... read read and then read some more and then start asking sensible questions and everyone here starts answering away Good luck with your endeavors Dave
  12. Frosty I personally think your doing a great job spreading your knowledge, and seeing as you have answered that very same question to me in the last week it must get old being asked the same old questions everyday. I guess what I am seeing on IFI is all newbies think alike(darn it I like to be different). If a 10" pipe makes a good forge than 36" has gotta be way cooler.....I'm gonna improve upon the simple burner and make it better....(even tho I have never made one before) if 9" is a good length than 24" must be way better......and the killer thought.....I watched a 1 hour tv show a few time
  13. Okay I'm sure I know the answer to my question, Are the firebricks sold at the big box stores such as menards or lowes the same firebrick we are talking about for forge use? http://www.menards.com/main/heating-cooling/fireplaces-stoves/stove-accessories/vogelzang-6-pack-firebrick/p-1392272-c-6881.htm?tid=7630923386214666561 http://www.menards.com/main/heating-cooling/fireplaces-stoves/stove-accessories/refractory-brick-4-5-x-9-x-1-25/p-2227108-c-6881.htm?tid=7630923386214666561 and does this stuff have any good use in forge building? http://www.menards.com/main/heating-cooling/fireplaces-stove
  14. YAY!!!!! winner winner chicken dinner I got two....count em two stamps of approval on my idea, so we have mailbox design (what a cool name, way better then my sideways D) with kiln shelf floor so installing the burners from the bottom, I first imagined the burner coming straight up from the bottom with the metal sitting right on top of it....this sounded like a very bad idea,so may I assume that this tristan fellow installed the burner at about the 4 or So next week I start cutting steel and welding And starting Immediately I am changing my alter ego's name from "The complicator" to "David th
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