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  1. I appreciate all the responses, thanks guys. And unfortunately I'm not able to spark test, considering I'm still fresh into this without any power tools. But once I get a little free time, I'll quench a few pieces and figure out what gets the best results. And yes, the idea was to use it for blades later on, once I get better at this. I just like getting info ahead of time.
  2. Hey guys. I was just wondering what this stuff is made out of. I came across one today, and this sucker is about 40lbs. Ive seen a few discussions about it, and some say 5160, and others around 1075 considering it apparently takes a good hamon? Any response would be great!
  3. Thanks for clearing that up guys. This community is great.
  4. I forgot to I'D the manufacturer, but if it helps, they looked just like these.
  5. First of all, I'm new here, so I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong section. But I've seen a lot of (guesses) thrown out there about what type of steel these are made of, so I found a list of the properties. Now I'm not familiar in this area, so I'll just let someone else answer that. But here's a screenshot of it. Hope this helps.