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  1. Hello- Would anyone have their AIA handy to date a recently acquired A&H 81lb? Serial #20943. Thanks in advance! JMc
  2. Kind of neat to see the mold that one of my anvils may well have come from... Thanks for posting.
  3. Nothing to understand Josh- just said I remembered the warranty statement I read as being on the waist weld only, not the complete anvil as was Fishers. I'm still a Fisher man at heart, haven't converted to H-B quite yet. ;) Regards, JM Fishers 30lb 80 100 150 150 300 350 and probably more I'm forgetting
  4. NJ- I believe the warranty I read was the same as FrozenForge quoted- 1 year on the waist joint only... JM
  5. Good evening NJ, I was out at the blacksmith shop yesterday, took a break and paged through an old Hay Budden catalog- between 1900 and 1909, I believe. They also offered a warranty. JM
  6. Now you've given me an excuse to come see your museum, NJ.! Seller offered to strap that big boy to a pallet and send it up here to the frozen tundra. Glad it went to another good home (but I would have enjoyed beating upon it ;) )
  7. 20lb 1907 No lugs 100lb No date Possible factory stand? 150lb 1896 Farriers pattern 150lb 1911 Farriers pattern 300lb 1910 http://s617.photobucket.com/user/cretedog/library/Fisher%20Anvils?sort=3&page=1
  8. Cretedog

    Show me your vise

    Got the 8" Columbian No. 508 I picked up last fall cleaned up and back together this morning. Not quite as substantial as some older 8" vises, but still a thing of beauty and in great shape.
  9. Put one in your lathe and turn a long taper on it. Attach or mill a square peg into it to fit your hardy hole, and you'll have a dandy cone hardy.
  10. "...home of Channellock." and Hollands, and Yost...
  11. Haven't done a thing with mine this winter, Knots. Too much to do at the 'real' job, plus the usual other stuff we all have. Like your tooling examples. The socket and shoulder idea looks good. Gives me food for thought for next winter. You've also got my curiosity going now- don't think mine has the dovetailed work plate. Good excuse to run out to the blacksmith shop this afternoon and check. :) Regards, JM
  12. I was sitting in my chair thinking the very same thing the other evening Andrew! Flat belts, gear motors, idler wheels... all sorts of possibilities. Then I remembered that my partner is much bigger and stronger than myself, and is in need of much more exercise, so I figured that he could 'walk the circle with his hand held high', and I'll deal with the iron and the tooling. :)
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