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    Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England
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    Deer hunting, knife making, rifle shooting and of course, chasing hot steel around an anvil!

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  1. Sounds like you're lucky to be alive Frosty! Must have been quite traumatic, If you need to talk, we're here for you. :)
  2. Not heat treated yet, that's the next job. This etch was purely to see how well the 15n20 was showing after the grind. Will most certainly etch it again after the HT and final polish is done. The lustre of the polished finish will go, so it'll look much like it does now but without all those little grinding scratches. The blade is going to a friend, so sadly I won't 'finish' this one, but I shall endeavour to post any pics I get when it's finished. :)
  3. Evening all, I forged this little blade some weeks ago. It's a laminate, one of my first, a core of 15n20 wrapped with some leaf spring. When I started grinding out the profile, and then the bevels, I had no set plan, but I ended up with this: Took the blade to work and gave it a 30 second burst in an electro etch, and I got a really nice surprise! If only I had Planned to do that! :)
  4. digger9523

    finished school gate

    Excellent! Have a Gold star. :)
  5. Well well, my older brother died last night, sister found him dead in her spare room. :( Won't be able to do anything until after Christmas, but cremation has been mentioned. I'm thinking some of him will need to be forged into something, so this thread will be very useful over the coming months. Would it be ok to post results here Theo? Might not be for some some weeks yet.
  6. Lovely, make sure to do a post when it's finished, maybe in the Members Projects forum? :)
  7. Thanks Barry, glad you like it. :)
  8. Thinking about a sheath for this, anybody ever done a wooden sheath before? :wacko:
  9. Ha! I was just coming back to this thread with the same link! :) The video gets onto the topic of this thread at about 18 minutes 30 seconds. B)
  10. So I'm doomed then?! It's great and useful info man, thanks for sharing it.
  11. Yeah it's definitely a part of the house now Beth! It ain't coming out of that wall without a fight I can tell you! Had some trees down here, no road blockages though, and a goodly amount of rain.
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