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  1. I did also get 2" of Baltic Birch ply from Larry as well for the frame, and i think there is a piece cut for the anvil as well, which kinda negates the rot thing, but apparently baltic birch ply is the snuff.
  2. I think around 6" or more. The problem with wood is that it eventually rots, which requires the entire frame and then anvil to be lifted to be replaced.
  3. I mispoke again. Lit says 7k anvil and 11,000# frame.
  4. No, and i mispoke, they are rated to be 6,000#, but the forum wont let me edit. The truck driver told me the whole package weighed over 18,000 pounds
  5. Yea its like 6-7 sq. ft worth
  6. Fabreeka for the anvil, and an original oiler to the Nazel that i found sitting infront of the drive gear on the frame. It was covered in oil and grime.
  7. How big of a hammer

    I think this video illustrates the beauty of self-contained, Massey Clearspace 5cwt for example
  8. Indeed. It will be a monster for tooling. Larry gave me the tool holder that wraps around the die for it. Since it will be sitting for awhile, i really want to fabricate some quick changing kiss blocks like Phil uses under his 5cwt Massey.
  9. Bottom die. The top die is also 5.5" wide, but 9" long.
  10. Took this video the day it arrived.
  11. I'll have to measure. Not quite that long. From memory i think the bottom die is 10" long, and maybe 5" wide. The top die is just about the same. I'll measure later this afternoon. Your 300# would work an entire bloom gloriously.
  12. Of course. I regularly experiment running a bloomery with Mark Green. Www.youtube.com/danielcauble We run various ore. A very rich in Fe and all of ghe right minerals, limonite we re-scavange/dig from the original ore pile under dirt and trees at a civil war finery furnace. We have a magnetite field we have mined from, but it is much more labor intensive, and now that we have access to a clean magnetite pile in upstate New York, we dont mine it any more. We recently acquired about 400-500# of specular hematite from our good friend and swordsmith Jesvs. This stuff is in the high 90 percentile Fe. A lot of guys from parts of europe send us a smelts worth of ore from time to time to run and test out for them, and provide data. We produce several hundred pounds of bloomery a year. In the coming years Mark is going to retire and run smelting classes. I hope by then this hammer and the new shop will be ready, and we can do a few at my place, and pull bloom straight from bloomery to this huge Nazel dies, and light taps. Talking to all of my euro buds, bloomery is suitable under the hammer, you just need big dies, and these are huge. I have worked over 100 pounds of orishigane in 1-3 poind increments exclusively under my small 50# mechanical, along with many bloom quarters (4-5#) with great success. Its all in knowing how hard to hit, where to hit and when to hit that comes with practice. We make so much that i no longer treat it like gold, and give myself a chance to push it to the limits.
  13. I most certainly will. Once it is set and operating i will shoot some vids working 15-20# steel blooms.
  14. Cleaning up, hoisting ram up to move out of way to set sowblock and die. View underneath compressor, oiling system.
  15. Take note anyone moving a machine this big. Our shop ceilings are 20-26ft high. When that truck with crane was moving the hammer and lifting over a 3' anvil, we still had limited clearance. Infact, the crne had room to lift it over the anvil and not much more. If you happen to get a 4b, you will also find out that United Rental especially in rural areas will have a hard time renting you a 12,000# capacity forklift. They told me they would have to truck one in a few hours away and the cost was going tk be nuts. Not only that but they could not coordinate with their truck driver with my delivery driver, so i would have to rent it for extra time i wasnt using it. And this is a united rental we have been doing business with for over a decade. The forklift rental was going to cost well over $1,000. My local wrecker has a $1 million 75ton crane truck thats used to lift tractor trailers out of revines, and did this for me, over the course of 2 hours for $400. Of course we do a bit of business with them, but it was well worth it. Still, it was sketchy knowing if we were even going to be able to lift it over the anvil or not. When i take this home, im pouring foundation first, setting hammer, then building new shop around it. Then truck crane driver was also not new to moving big machinery with it. He showed me a picture he took earlier that day moving a 55,000# Trane A/C unit for a hospital, so my hammer was a toy, lol. 4b frame = 12,000# 4b anvil = 7,000#