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  1. Yea, I do. I recently purchased an refurbished an inverted metallurgical microscope. Finally got it running and decided to take a peek at the resulting blades. Spheroidization of the cementite is obvious :0 (Ferric etch. Not etched in 3% nital as is proper). Also 800x objective is being funny so not using it yet.
  2. Good job. Now spark test everywhere you can, and then work it down into bars. Both excersizes will reveal to you if the furnace was ran according to its size/dimension for either iron or steel. It can also reveal slag health and how much of it is with your iron/steel which is important im bloomery.
  3. I have a little over 2" of baltic birch plywood for the frame of my 4b. Fabreeka and the same plywood for the anvil.
  4. I had him make me a custom quick change for my Murray. Then once you get it, you will need to take measurements so he can make you proper keys, that you will then have to custom fit with prussian blue/magic marker/dykem. Its a little tedious but worth it in the end. I had him make me like 6 or 7 custom keys for various dies.
  5. I helped make my upper (See thread down below in this section). And then I had Roger at LG make my bottom because it wasnt worth my time making another.
  6. Testing everything out. Works better than i had hoped. Die fits tight. Keys fit rather well.
  7. The dies came annealed. After all the machine work i normalized 3x at 1650F, and then hardened at 1550F in 10 gallons of Parks 50 which was at 75F. I am not overly concerned if the main body wasnt as hard as the face of the die. Since its roughly the same diameter as many of my 4140 hand hammers thats are hardened in Parks, i knew it would take on full hardness. Now for final fitting of the key.
  8. Ahh so the tag serial doesnt reference a year at all. It did in a card catelog somewhere, forgotten in time though. I keep meaning to buy that book. Does jt contain info on self-contained hammer?
  9. I need more info on this from books. I didnt realize Murco was bought by LG. Whats yours look like?