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  1. I wholeheartedly recommend Wilmont Grinders. I have a TAG-101 1.5 hp variable speed. It's worth every penny. If i had to do it all over again I would have bought that grinder before I bought a forge, anvil, anything.
  2. I didn't take any more unfortunately, and it's already in the client's hands.
  3. Wrapped this guy up yesterday, my second stock removal knife. 1084, 416 stainless, black-dyed stabilized curly maple. Hand-rubbed 600g finish. Any and all feedback are welcome!
  4. Hey guys, I've got a post drill here that's missing a table, and has no obvious markings other than "PD 31" on the crank side of the body. It's painted John Deere green under the dust, but I don't know if that's original. Any clue who made it?
  5. I'm planning on doing one about 2' tall for myself for the soda that comes in a brown glass bottle. :)
  6. And a quick shot of it installed at the customer's house...
  7. Hey guys, I don't make it down to this end of the forum, usually I'm up in the knifemaking section, but I thought I'd share my first welding project with you...
  8. ^ What he said. Very nice!
  9. A lot of firsts with this knife: My first frame handle design, wanted to make it out of canvas micarta cause I thought it would look cool and be a little easier to work than steel. My first successful "Coke Bottle" handle. First time working with O1, and I love it. My first "real" guard, slotted and soldered on. Unresolved issues with the knife: 2nd pin hole is lower than it should be. Kydex sheath is scratching the NS guard. A couple of the "hidden" pins are trying to show, but sharpie keeps them from shining. Can't quite seem to get the finish right on the Micarta, but after abo
  10. Feather patterns are my favorite, and yours looks great!
  11. I'm sorry if I didn't expound enough on my statement... I don't know the limits of Mr. Carter's training or expertise. I'm unaware of any licensing he might or might not have, I was merely suggesting him as a "traditionally trained Japanese bladesmith", and should have added the caveat that he "would be a step in the right direction." I have a habit of typing in spurts and derailing my train of thought, dropping cars that turn out to be important, so to speak. For that I apologize.
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