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  1. I made my second anvil out of a chunk of RR track. I ground it down with flap wheels over a few days worth of work. I also cut off the edges that mushroomed out to square everything up. Not a bad few days/hours worth of work, and hey, i made my own anvil. :) feel free to copy it entirely, if you like. ( A friend plasma cut out the shape for me that i liked!) Thats about all you need, though.
  2. Aww! Sending my thoughts to you Rusty!!!! I will pop into chat to say as much, if you are possibly there too! *BIG HUG*
  3. My fun little plumb roofing hatchet! It needs its edge fixed up a bit and i am going to polish it up to a mirror finish, hopefully can finish it tonight?! I might be too optimistic there!!! The hammer is my special hammer. Have not used it yet. But I will! ( its just here because i put linseed oil on the handles after sanding them a bit) I needed an adventure hatchet and i found this one in a bucket of old tools at the Elephants Trunk in New Milford CT.
  4. Measured! It opens to a max of 4" max, Jeff says, that it opens. its not huge!
  5. For some of those older photos, say, Tin types, do the photos get put on glass/tin ( if they are glass) reverse order? For older photos, maybe knowing the camera would be the best to solve some mystery? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tintype Just a thought. What an interesting thread! ( MY horn will be to the right, and thats the way I like it. uhhuh uhhuh!) AND not too far off base... http://home.comcast.net/~meadmaker/Viking1.htm
  6. Thank you, we will absolutely. I have a big heart for these old tools, we will give them new life, but respect them for what they are, too. Little parts of history! ;) I will measure them asap, or have Jeff do that. Its now at the workshop, so tomorrow ill get back at you with the numbers.
  7. Thank you so much!!! You are great. I cannot wait to see your photos of your repairs. Ill go check out Peters paper now! Sounds absolutely useful!
  8. You are all wonderful for the replies, pardon my light response, i am doing a lot of reading and looking at pictures of everybody elses! :) Thanks for the suggestions too on how to go about repairs that it needs. I really love this forum!
  9. Once we can get it fixed all up, i will update this thread with new pictures! So stoked! Im looking at everybody elses threads too, id love to get an idea of what make it is and maybe how old it might be. Seems in pretty nice overall condition besides the broken mounting plate.
  10. Ah! I forgot to mention that i also spent a couple hours grinding off the mushroomed out part of the rail too! How could i have forgotten... its all blending, i suppose. I crisped up the corners before i did any grinding of the horn. I will round out a section too for making bends. ( again, still lots of work to go for this) Thomas, I did not forge the horn because our forge is not finished being built yet, thats alright though. Getting there. The building for the forge is being built/started. John, luckily i do have access to a plasma cutter, so the harder parts were made easier. I wa
  11. This is so COOL! Yes! I demand video! ( please!!!)
  12. Very beautiful. I love how smooth and silk like the blade is, and then the neat contrast of the less refined/smooth handle. Totally my style. I dig!
  13. Lots of grinding! Initially we used a plasma cutter to cut out the shape for the anvil. That only took a few minutes by a friend at his shop when we were hanging out one night, and then once i got back to the shop we work at i started the three hour process of grinding grinding grinding. After awhile, it starts to take shape. This was all in one night, so far. This is towards the end of the night. I stopped this grinding session around here. I made the silly decision to grind inside for that long, so it set the smoke detectors off a number of times -____- that was not fu
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