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  1. Hey guys! Happy to see many answers and advices! I contacted a couple of links you all sent me above and I'm currently in a flat. Having a garden would make everything easy but maybe renting a container or a garage would do the same (question here as well). I don't want to spend for specific and mono-purpose tools until I'm actually in front of a forge and be able to stand pounding an anvil for hours. It has to be a hard trial and I need to be sure mine is not just a wish but actually a hobby/business/talent I can work on and beyond. If I need to buy a forge soon, I would go for a propane one and can't start from knifes/blades due to UK restrictions and regulations (other question hiding here). A University replied to me and said that the NVQ L3 in Heritage Skills is not available anymore. Didn't understand If just for the 2020 or It has been completely wiped out. Shame I guess. But what would be the actually qualifications then? Would I make my way with just 3 days course? Thanks guys!
  2. Hello guys! My name is Daniele (Danielito in the forum) and I'm completely new, to the forum to the hobby to the business to the art and I'm based in London. I come from an European historical smithy background that strongly stopped with my parents and I'd like to learn how to blacksmithing, starting from the basics, really basics. I have experience in crafting wooden/bamboo bows and plastic/fiberglass cosplay but never used a forge or an anvil and I'm settled in London so not sure how training/apprentiship/practising would even work. I don't even know if this the right section of the forum. I did send several emails to all the smithing associations and universities/education sites regarding this but none has replied to me at all hence why I'm here looking for directions. I'm sure you are the best at this. Thanks all.