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  1. Hey Larry, you have joined a great bunch here, with lots of great info!
  2. Hi all, what is the proper method for straightening pieces of coil spring? I would like to use the pieces to forge letter openers, small caping knives, etc. Thanks in advance........................ ~~~Johnny~~~
  3. Hi all, I being new at this wonder how is the best way to use drift when making a 'hawk head out of a old ball peen hammer. Is it best to put the hawk head in the vise, then use the drift on it, or should drift be clamped in vise, and the head worked onto it? Thanks...........................................~~~Johnny~~~
  4. Wow, a whole lot of nice projects in "blueprints!" I will try some of them! Thanks..............................~~~Johnny~~~
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Clark I am in Lake Worth-less, about 45 miles up the coast from you. Around Christmas time, they usually have "Christmas in the Village" at the fairgrounds in Palm Beach county. They have a great old time coal forge out there, and quite a few smiths working it. You should come and check it out.
  6. Wow, thanks very much for all the great info!
  7. Johnny Glades

    Tong Rings

    Hi, does anyone have an illustration of home made tong rings they will share? Would a S shape like camp fire hooks work? Thanks...................~~~Johnny~~~
  8. I made a forge from a old truck brake drum, and for the blower, I use a gun style hair dryer bought cheap at the thrift store, it works great! ~~~Johnny~~~
  9. Thanks Ed, your help is greatly appreciated. I am still in the learning process. ~~~Johnny~~~
  10. Hi all, would rebar like they sell at home depot be a lousy metal to make tongs out of? Any help will be greatly appreciated. ~~~Johnny~~~
  11. Hi all, I am a amateur blacksmith, I made a small forge out of a truck brake drum, and have had a lot of fun with it, making small items such as hoofpicks made from horseshoes, flint strikers, other small items. This seems to be a very information filled website!
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