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  1. Do you have any other pictures, showing the whole anvil? Any other stamps or markings, year, weight?
  2. I'm here in Wisconsin for a little while, tried to send you some pictures of anvils but was not successful.  Please send me an email address and I will get some pictures to you.   Bernhard

  3. And in the back ground I see a little green vise that looks like a York vise made in Czechoslovakia years ago. The American Wilton vise was designed after this vise.
  4. This is a typical north German single horn pattern anvil made by Peddinghaus and should be marked on the other side 'PFP' (Paul Ferdinand Pettinghaus) in a square. A 2 piece anvil, forge welded.
  5. Cast anvil weighs 102 lbs, weight not marked but has, what looks like, a serial No: 0 558. Ball bearing test: 65 % to 75 % rebound.
  6. A very nicely made tool, what was it made for?
  7. This vise is fabricated, and not cast. It would be very easy to fix it if you apply some heat or welding if needed. But you do need some tools for that.
  8. This 24" long forged old wrench (2 3/4") has the Arm and Hammer logo on the shaft, could it be made by Columbus Forge & Iron Co. ? The candle holder measures 12" in height.
  9. Typical Austrian design anvil, stepped feet, one horn, one hardie hole, wide face with church windows. From the measurements, this anvil could weigh about 500 lb. and likely cast steel. The base is really beautiful, matching this nice anvil.
  10. In what year was this Hay Budden anvil born? - - - Serial #: 64655
  11. It's a German made Trenton, they are marked like that.
  12. I will likely come in early fall to Wisconsin, hopefully the snow will be melted by then....