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  1. Thank you folks. Amazing rebound but very little ring which is nice. Lucked out in that given my tinnitus lol.
  2. Pic attached. Those are the only markings apart from weight
  3. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-welding/ottawa/anvil-repair/1252111555?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true perhaps within 5 hours drive?
  4. WESCO anvil. They appear in Canada from time to time. I have 125lb and 100lb. They are cast steel and of seemingly high quality. 100lb has 85% rebound. 125lb has 90%+ rebound and rings like a bell. I have seen them @ 150lb and 200lb also. Interesting is there is an industrial supply company called WESCO still in Surrey,BC on Anvil way - no idea if they made them at some point. Good quality anvil. Would love more info on them. Very few seemlingu Canadian made quality anvils.
  5. Looks like older forged German. Paint hides a bit. Assume 37 is kilo weight given size. Looks very Peddinghaus ish
  6. Hello Folks - Has anyone seen / does anyone recognize this german anvil makers Mark? From a 320lb South German pattern anvil. Cheers, Klammer
  7. For my 275lb Peddinghaus - all that was needed was a some light draw filing along the edges to get a nice 1/8 - 5/32 rounded edge . Though it had to be a good quality file and even that did not bite easy.
  8. thank you folks - price is a bit high but tempting.
  9. Has anyone seen an anvil similar to this, idea of brand? Looks like a sawyers anvil but never seen one with the waist / legs of an English anvil before. Cheers Klammer
  10. Seen a lot of these for sale over the years here. All of them had massive wear / damage to them. As per the above they must be cast iron.
  11. Perfect, thank you folks - this helped a lot. I knew it was over 300 as it crushed my scale that went up to 300... Appreciate all the responses.
  12. Thanks folks - I am hoping someone with a PW of similar dimensions will pipe in with weight. The truck scale would work but would need to do it with the exact same amount of gas in the car. a few gallon difference could through it off quite a bit :)
  13. Picked up what seems to be a peter wright in very good condition but no writing anywhere on it apart from a number 8 on the front right foot. it broke my scale so not sure on weight - anyone have guess by dimensions? From the way my back feels, it must be 300+? Height: 15" Face width: 5.5" Face Length: 21.25" Total Length: 34.5 Thanks! Kris
  14. The long flat anvils are for truing large bandsaw blades. There are a few saw sharpening / repair shops near me and I have seen them in use (I pester them for 15n20, dogs head hammers, and for their anvils...which pays off). I have had a few of them pass through my hands keeping the largest one which is 4x12x48. The ones I have had have all been hardened, though not as hard as your typical anvil face...I would say low - mid 40's? they have all been cast steel, some with makers names / company marking cast into them. I wish I knew the steel type. I thought about cutting one up into sections and hardneing the faces to make anvils / swage anvils.
  15. The RIDGID Pedding-Haus Anvils? I have a newer 125kg and it has no crown at all across the face. Its obviously machined perfectly flat.
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