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  1. Good morning experts, i would like to buy an anvil and there is one in the used tools shop i use to visit, i have no idea how good it is, i took a hammer and hit it several times, he did a nice ringing sound and the hamer rebound about two inches, i did not hit it hard i didnt want to xxxx of the vietnamese seller. It seems to me brand new and about 40kilos or 90pounds more or less. How good and how much i should pay?
  2. First, many thanks to all of you, very enthusiastc and kwoledgeable fellows, for your help, Im in Vietnam, in Saigon, i guestimate the woman would ask for something around -150 to 200 equivalent to Us dollars, the size of the rectangular face is around -14-16 inches i do not have the exact number. It seems to me to be in the order of 100 pounds in weigth,
  3. I want to buy an anvil, i found this in a used tool market, no visible marks, the waist looks a little weird, like it has been grinded But i dont know if this is good quality, can you, distinguised and experienced guys identify it and give an estimate of how much to pay? many thanks
  4. ok finally i manage to upload the images from the phone.
  5. I'm trying to upload the pictures from my phone
  6. Hi, I bought a anvil here in Vietnam, it appears to be a vulcan with characteristic chipping seen in other vulcans, so probably it's real, I'm wondering if it's pre or from the Vietnam war era. See the pictures an comment. I paid about 80 dollars. I'm planing in taking it to my country when I finish my Assignment here in several years time. I don't do much forging. Any comment a bout possible history of this piece?
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