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    I am 17 and still in highschool, but all my college applications are in soon i will be college bound
  1. I was think about getting a welder for christmas and wasn't sure what kind to get. I have a pric range of about 100-250 dollars. I don't have special plugs in my garrage or anything so it can need a 220 outlet. ANy suggestions would be very appreciated.
  2. I live over by the high school and my shop is also a little limited but i would alway like to hammer with another smith. Tell me if you ever want to hammer
  3. that is beautiful. wow nice work i reall like the simpleness yet complexity of the design if that makes sense. Again really nice
  4. Hello. I was looking for some other smiths in the south wake area. I have been smithing for about a year and i have found some other smiths but i would like to expand on the basis of people i have to gain knowlage from. I am good freinds with Solvarr and have worked in his shop on a number of ocassions and he has taught me a bunch. THe more teachers I have the better i will be off. I also know about the NC chapter of ABANA but it doesn't really fit my schedule. IF any other smiths are out there let me know i would love to learn what you have to teach and i am always willing to help around the shop, or cut your grass, or do other chores in return for forge time and lessons.
  5. I often work with Solvarr's shop in raleigh and he calls me the forge monkey and with in he historical reencating group i am in i am know as the forge monkey. So i could see where that term comes from though i am not an inferior smith. On a seperate note. I think it is interesting that almost every town had to have a blacksmith and yet the jargon died. I guess the traditions tend to die when there is no one to carry them on. BUt you would think that with so many smiths there would be a good deal of "lost" jargon. I was thinking about this question and something hit me. The phrase " strike while the iron is hot". I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner. That is total blacksmith jargon that carried over to the whole community. Thank you all for your input and if you got any more phrases or jargon keep posting them.
  6. I have had to fix my buffalo blower and i had to custom cut washers. so i am thinking that you are going to need to make your own parts. Another option if find another broken blower for cheap and see if it has the part you need.
  7. That school sounds so awsome. Does any one know anything like that in NC. I would be very interested in something like that. Have a great time with your last week of the school. LUCKY
  8. Thank you. I agree whole with the @#$%** being universal.
  9. IF charcoal is so abundant why not just burn that soley? It smells better doesn't hav toxic gass, and gets plenty hot to forge weld. I have mixed charcoal and coal and liked it ( there was more charcoal less coal it was a one hand full of coal to about 2-2 1/2 hand fulls of charcoal.
  10. That is ridiculously crazy. Props man very cool. looks like it might be heavy on the head but very awsome man.
  11. the rose leaves look a little flat but over all they are very nice, good job.
  12. I am pretty interested in history and on IFI there seems to be a wide variety of smiths from all over the country and world. I was wondering about Genreal jargon in blacksmithing and maybe a few phrases that are specific to your region or heritage. Thanks.
  13. My favorite is about a 21/2 lb strait peen because i can control it the best. Also it doesn't have a strai edge off the face which helps when i over or under swing.
  14. i woulds suggest that you forge the other parts of the rifle ( butt plate, trigger gaurd, tinderbox,) The barrel and lock you should defiently buy. You can by top of the line barrel and lock for 300 together. I would sugest that you do this but if you want to try. Hershal House has some blacksithing videos on making gun parts
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