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G'day - My Coal Forge Plans & Pictures


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G'day guys, new IFI member from Australia; Langwarrin Victoria. I am in the process of setting up my workshop and equipment and I thought I would share where I am at with the fabrication of my coal forge.

I have created an Album Gallery "Fabricated Coal Forge" with plans and pictures at various stages of build. I have really enjoyed this project and can't wait to light my first fire :) . Hopefully, if I followed instructions correctly you will find a thumbnail image below to a design in my album where the rest of the material can be viewed. If not and this interests you have a look at my gallery.......


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Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it. I will keep adding pictures as I add an air gate, ash dump, motor and blower etc....

In terms of the venting at some point, after I have played with it a while, I will add a side draft hood etc. In the mean time I will put it in the open with plenty of ventilation but under cover to protect it.



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Don't you just love Cad software Locky?

Nice looking design, I'm looking forward to hearing how it works for you.

If you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location we'll know where you are. It can really come in handy, especially for folk from different countries.


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Okay its been a while.... I have uploaded another series of pictures showing air gate & control, ash dump, motor & blower mounted & my first fire in my Album Gallery "Fabricated Coal Forge".

There are 56 pictures in that album including design diagrams for your reference.

Fabricated Coal Forge - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

This was a great project with lots of challenges including today when I was sitting on the floor lining up the air gate mechanism when the bloody very heavy handle decided to move hitting me square on the head...... Well I saw stars, you know the feeling it hurts that much you can't even swear :)Air Gate Handle Fully Opened - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

First fire -

Side draft hood pending - another day :rolleyes:


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Now THAT's impressive fabrication. Very nice set up.I would love to have a bunch of nice steel lying about to cobble up something similar! Bad news is the local scrapyard has ceased selling to individuals! :(
I think I like building tools as much as using them. It seems I'm not the only one :rolleyes:
Great job....and I thank you for sharing all the pics.
Oh....one other question....do the motors turn backward in Oz....or just the drains? ;)
Kidding aside, had the good fortune to visit South Australia once.....incredible place. Would love to return! Definitely enjoyed those Barossa vinyards (not to mention the vin! ) :D

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Looks like you enjoyed all the challenges and meet them head on and got total success!!
Did you use 1/8" or 3.175mm plate for the table?
One observation:
You might want to cut the heads off the clinker breaker mounting bolts and plug weld them into the bottom of the fire pot. I think doing that will make it easier to clean and slide the clinker out of the fire pot.

Nice photo tutorial!

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