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Double-Bick Anvil Holddown


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Here's some pics of my double-bick Peddinhaus anvil. I've been questing for some time to come up with a good holddown. I made several hairpin-spring pritchel holddowns, but the pritchel hole is situated too far forward to have much room left to work once the hot piece is dogged down. I made this low profile tee-shape holddown from two pieces of 1 inch square and a chunk of leafspring from a '58 Chevy haytruck. The leafspring was 2-1/4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick. It determined the dimensions of the slots for the hardy post. I milled slots on both axis, so the holddown will grab North-South, or East-West (Mcraigl thought up that idea). I forged a Vee in one side of the top piece to hold round stock. With a quick couple taps on the key, it holds work down super tight. The low profile is easy to work around, and the tool doubles as a faux-step when needed. The pressure releases instantly with a tap on the small end of the key.





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This thread flamed up after 4 yrs of the tool being used a lot.. It's still working, I should add, that after a few months, I took an aggresive flap wheel on the 4-1/2 side grinder, and made a flat spot on the underside of the hardy hole. That way, the triangular key seats square. It tried to bend the slots a bit untill I gave it a square place to seat. The piece is still in service, still gets used a lot.

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Neet Idea,,


I'v been doing the same on several anvil tools for 15 years....  I will pass on some info....  You can use 1/4 x1  stock formed in a " U " and it's a lot easier..  Keep in mind to form all of them the same distance from the face.. ( so that you can use the same wedge an all tools...)


Glad to see others have a  thinking cap on and are willing to share...


Hammer on    Jim

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