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cable damascus integral

J Anderson R

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Heres a blade I forged out of my cable damascus, then stretched the tang way out and made an integral guard. I got the idea for the integral guard and handle from J. Arthur Loose's "Serphent In the Steel" knives. This is fresh from the forge, Il finish it up this week. Comments appreciated





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Thanks guys, I had to clip about an inch off the tip when grinding revealed a nasty flaw, but I still like the way it turned out. Blade is convex ground all the way to the edge and razor sharp, and the hamon from edge quenching was a nice bonus. The handle/ guard detail didnt show up on the picture very well but it has a real fine pattern from all the wires getting stretched out so far. Hope you enjoy






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that is cool, how hard is it to forge weld cable? I was given some crane cable that i wanted to try to make a knife out of. and looking at your knife i want to try to make something similar if you don't mind.

This blade was made of 1 1/4" crane cable. Forge welding cable is easy once you've done it a couple times. Just remember to go slow and keep the heat even, and remember to keep it twisted tight. Use anhydrous borax if possible and remember that high carbon steel welds at a high orange ( around 2300 degrees ). I use a propane forge so I can reguate the heat better, its very easy to burn cable in a coal fire. There are many good tutorials online if you check around. Good luck, hope it works out for ya
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