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  1. I wear one daily its easy to access from under my shirt and really nice when rolling on the ground working under cars and what not, as it doesn't get caught or fall out of your pocket without you knowing. the reason I like it is more of a survival knife if something happened to my other knife I would at least have something, plus 2 pieces of paracord 10 feet apiece.
  2. that handle is absolutely beautiful
  3. I was meaning if I made a knife using the carbide sorry for the confusion. I have posted some of my others on here in the past.
  4. Steve I have made several knifes I have been asking questions since I am currently getting my forge and anvil ready to fire up. when I moved all my stuff was 100 miles away and I was recently able to bring it all down, and I have been working to get it operational. so I have been asking questions till I can get out and try.
  5. i take a chisel and make a mark the length of the hole i want on the top and bottom while its cold so when its hot you can go right where you need to be
  6. I have been pondering this idea for about 9 years now. I guess its not such a good idea now. if I made a knife it was gonna be a show knife type piece to be able to say, look how sharp this is, kind of thing. can you grind the inserts with a grinder or are they to hard?
  7. I have been wandering about using carbide lathe inserts as a bit in a blade. my questions are will it work? and how would you do it? I had thought maybe lay inserts in a row in between two pieces of steel and then forging all together.
  8. thanks guys if I can find some time I may grab a small piece and see what I can do with it. I will post back with results.
  9. Would 4150 make a good blade if so how would you heat treat properly. we have a lot of end cuts at work that they throw away from 1/2in diameter up to 6in and any thing less than 12in long gets scraped. if it would work I might try to get some and try just didn't want to waste a bunch of time if someone else had worked with it and it didn't work out. also they use some 514 series plate steel for certain applications and I had a co worker that was talking about how tough it was and that he thought it would make a good blade but I don't know the make-up of either of the metals. if anyone kno
  10. that is a beautiful knife I love the polish you got on the blade. I get to impatient to make any of mine look that good. Great job
  11. thanks on the profile pic I need to update it with both my boys. the spine file work was my very first attempt at the vine pattern just didn't work out to well but is very functional at keeping your thumb from sliding. I have thought about taking the notch out of the blade just haven't yet. this was like my second attempt at Damascus. whatever reshaping I do to the blade I will have to rework the sheath to keep a tight hold on the knife, especially since its carried upside down. and as far as being functional I wear it everyday all day, under my shirt of course.
  12. I have had a lot going on lately this is the first time in 2 years that I have been able to post anything, between having another son getting a new job moving and buying a house and moving again finally got my little shop and tools to my house about a month ago. with that being said here is a small Damascus neck knife made from the liner out of a mig gun, the handle insert is 22 layers of blue jean micarta, the sheath is kydex, and has a paracord lanyard, which has 2 pieces about 10 foot long if needed in survival situation. OAL is 5 1/8" blade is 2" and thickness is 1/8"
  13. very nice love the pattern
  14. Thanks for all the kind words and thomas I have been on the lookout for mini ppe.
  15. Thanks everybody the anvil was warmed prior to pictures also it's a hollow replica just for show
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