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Forge welding photographs

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I was editing these frame from video photographs on forge welding for my book.
I thought that they may be useful for someone just starting to weld.

The arrows denote where I support the stock on the edge of the anvil prior to overlapping the two scarves.

The 'Crusty' shot is what happens to a bar if it has been out of the fire for too long. It is no longer welding at this stage.

The chilled by anvil shot is one where the smith has spent too long on one side before turning the bar over.

The one side too cold shot is where the smith held the two pieces in different part or areas of the fire. They may not weld.

2 to bar (3) copy.psd

2 to bar (4) copy.psd

2 to bar (7) copy.psd

Crusty copy.psd











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A couple years ago I was at a New York State Designer Blacksmith all hands meet and Steve Mankowitz from Colonial Williamsburg was demo-ing a nail header, as he hit the tool steel onto the wrought iron, a huge blast shot out and came directly at me at chest level. The funny thing was I had just bought a t-shirt and put it on, I wear it proudly now, with its myriad of small burn holes, wish I had a photo of that one!

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Great photos - thanks for posting them. I noticed you use a pretty simple scarf design without the traditional step. It also appears you have little or no upset. Does that technique work well for you or was this a photographic device for the series?


There is a step in the scarf, but a small one. There is no upset in this particular application -as this is a pair of leaves being welded to a branch and the weld area will be thinned to create a taper running up the branch.

As you know, any upset put into a weld is there to help the area at the heel of the scarf to deal with the wasting (scaling) heat and the blows that come trying to blend the toe of the other scarf in.

The actual area of the weld has plenty of material.

A happy New Year to you! Edited by Mark Aspery
Clarity and a lucid moment
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