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Stove pipe Question

Tom Lumpkins

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I assume that you wish to vent a coal forge? My forge started with a 7" pipe, and that was way too small for a hood. I went next to a side suction set up. Some call it a side draft hood. With an 8" triple wall stack of proper height, works pretty well. I think 10" or 12" would be ideal. Many say they can't find 10" or 12". If useing single wall snap joint pipe just snap two sections of 5" together for a 10" or two 6" for a 12". Remember that you want to be at least 2' taller than anything within 10' horizontally of the stack top. A simple rain cap of a wide peice of thin sheet metal attached and bent over and then attached to the other side will work.

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Find someone who does asphalt and ask them for a leftover piece of 10 inch culvert, it works great, the only drawback is sealing at the penetration point, which can be done with patience, in the gallery is a pic of mine, works like a champ. On warmer days, I put a lit piece of newspaper up the flue to get the draft going, prior to lighting the coal.

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thats a great name, I told my wife mine was the PMS retreat center, good thing she has a sense of humor! Please post some more pics of the set up when it is finished, welcome to the total addiction!! You will want to sleep in it, for the sake of your relationships, I recommend against this! Best of the hammerin to ya!

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two sixes do not make a twelve, just a little more than an eight.

We're not talking about using two 6" stacks. If you snap two 6" sections together along the seams it makes a 12" dia section. I've been doing this for years and it's great for making odd dia. shells for forges.

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The dog house would also be a good name for my 10X12 shed, but I call it Rome cause Ive been building it for 2 1/2 years now! It is 98% done now.

The first problem was that the spot my wife picked out for it. we didn't know, but it turned out to be the family dump. The first clue to this was the old car rims, fenders, dashboard, front axle, and Steering column. (Ford Model T we reckon)

There were also innumerable old bottles and shoes a busted up cast iron stove and the one thing we never got out completely - an intricate brass tubing bed sort of thing. Up here in Massachusetts I figured I needed 2 feet deep for the footing. Spent 1 summer just putting in the foundation. The floor is dirt.

But I really wanted to ask about the flue!

Does the flue have to go straight up? I would like to go out the end and avoid the hole in the roof.

Sorry guys- just answered my own question. BP1048 shows Hofi's flues - exactly what I was wondering.


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found it!
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