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I Forge Iron

Thank you for your Prayers in advance.


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My Wife Cookie is back in the hospital with breathing problems again. Mostly up and down weather related stuff and the aging process.

My middle daughter in Texas is recovering from surgery, and is trying to survive her husbands cooking. She can't drive for awhile yet, so the rest of the people in town can relax for awhile. LOL

My oldest daughters husband Sam, is in ICU in an Indiana Hospital from complications of the nasty type B flue. They let him out of the hospital Friday and Saturday he and wife went shopping and he collapsed in the store, no breathing, no pulse, CPR was administered and he was taken to local small town hospital. They could not define the cause and so he was stabilized and got a ride back to Indianapolis Hospital that discharged him. He is stabilized some but has a very high fever and they will test him unmercilly either today or tomorrow morning. Daughter is at his bedside awaiting any results or findings, Dr. says she is not a candidate for catching the flue as her immune system is working overtime because she is PG.

Thanks again,


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When it rains, it pours sometime.
I will bend my knees for you and your family to weather the storm Jr.
Of course Cookie is a member of IFI, so you will be getting a double.
Be sure to let Cookie know that her fellow blacksmiths are in her corner!
Ted Throckmorton

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