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Hi All. I thought I would jump in and introduce myself.
I recently acquired a small portable coal forge and fired her up for the first time on Sat. At the end of the day I accomplished making a trigger guard for a black powder rifle which was my main quest, along with lots of simple hooks and hangers.
I've spent days reading though the archives and can't believe the wealth of information stored here. This board is a wonderful resource and learning tool for someone trying to get started.
Thanks in advance.

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Ken welcome I am new as well only been on board for what seems a short time!You are among a great group who are willing to help with anything they can and share what easily becomes an addiction! They share there knowledge to keep the art alive! Ask and learn all you can and no question is to crazy to ask.Here is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.Welcome!!!

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Welcome aboard Ken.

You won't be lonely if you only got into smithing to make a couple things you couldn't find, then became addicted and forgot why you started. Lots of guys got here that way. The wood worker who only needed a couple plane irons or the just right radius turning gouge. The guy who wanted a hinge that matched the one on the old house he bought. Or . . .

Lots of you guys here alright.

Me? I just like playing with fire and hitting things.


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Thanks for the very warm welcome. I will make it easier for me to ask newbie questions later and I'm sure there will be many.
I added to my profile but I'll mention it here also. I'm from Signal Mt., TN.
Thanks again for the warm welcome,

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Welcome from another East Tennessean. You are not too far down the road from my "home away from home", Fort Loudoun, in Vonore.

I run the shop on Garrison Weekends. Check out our schedule and come up and see us some Saturday.

Fort Loudoun

Good to have you on board,


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