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  1. Highlander, As much as I would like to give you some answer about it being special it a plant rack of some sort salvaged and pressed into service as a slack bucket holder. The forge is the gentleman's that got me started and gave me a rivet forge to get me going. I ask him specificly about the bucket holder because it looked like something special i had to have. That top rail just looks useful for something. haha! Cheers, Ken
  2. Here's a homemade one. I bought the leather as blemished at a leather place for less than $20. A few grommets and I was in business. Even though I'm just getting started I can already say it has saved my leg and pants some anguish.
  3. Will heating up a couple pieces of steel and laying them on the face for pre-heating be enough? At what temp would someone need to be concerned? Good question. Ken
  4. Hey guys. The guy I got my forge from told me to always use hot rolled steel vs cold rolled but in the excitment of my new toy I did not really understand the reason why. He said hot rolled could be worked more than cold rolled but why? Thanks, Ken
  5. So just build the face up with weld to the height of the remaining face? Not add a plate back on. I was misunderstanding. That's a good bit to build up! kEN
  6. Thanks for all the info guys! What would be the best way to get the remaining face plate off? Ken
  7. Boy, thats a great page. Thanks for posting it. I have two and one needs a little work. I had incorrectly guessed the housing should have some oil in the bottom. Thanks, Ken
  8. Thomas, Thanks for the tip on Memphis. I looked and the repair days was last weekend. Day late and a dollar short I guess. Ken
  9. Thomas, Are you talking about a picture of the bottom of the anvil? I'll try to get it tonight. Sounds like you are thinking the raised portion was welded on rather than a big piece being missing. Thanks for the response, Ken
  10. When the face plate broke off it seems there would have been a really jagged edge left. I assume somewhere down the line someone really cleaned it up to get a decent edge back.
  11. Since I'm really green, I'm not sure what you mean by rebound test? I know I have beat all sorts of things on the stepped down part and it seems pretty hard. The ringing will hurt your ears. Ken
  12. This is a anvil I inherited from my Grandfather a few years back. I recently pressed it back into service. It has considerable sentimental value to me and I was hopeing you guys could tell me anything about the age or type. I'm curious about the holes in the lower portion of the anvil and the stamp 1053 in the lower right bottom of the front. I assume it had a plate welded to the top that long ago broke off and the face redressed? Thanks in advance for any information. Ken
  13. I getting the impression the linning material isn't has important as just having a buffer material. Thanks for all the responses. Ken
  14. Josh, When you say Portland Cement, I assume you are talking about type I Quikrete like Ace sells? and just plain ol' sandbox sand mixed together? That's simple enough. Thanks, Ken
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