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Hello All,
It's been a while since I posted, moved house and had a long delay in getting broadband sorted at my new place. Here are some pics of work I've been doing- The gates I finished months ago but never posted a finished pic.
Boxing Hares and Ear of Wheat went into a local exhibition, the Red Squirrel was supposed to join them, but is now living happily in my garden!

P1040224.JPG P1040227.JPG P1040226.JPG P1040378.JPG

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Thanks for the comments!

I spent quite a while composing step by step instructions, and then managed to lose it somehow- (i think instead of hitting post reply I must have clicked on preview and then closed the page, and thus lost it all!!) so Ill write it out again- but the kids are home from school now so it'll have to wait until I have spare moment!!


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Beutiful work, love the gate especially. Wheat made by braiding 3 pieces of rod: left over right, then right over left, so on and so forth til length wanted...right? I helped Lorelei do this at one of her demos a few years back and that is how we did it anyway. Cute critters too.;)

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Hello! i've been away for a little bit! And I see this threads been ressurrected, and Thank you all for your very kind comments. Oops I'm sorry I never got round to posting back about how to do the ear of wheat, but as I can see your in good hands with the lovely people on this site.

Here is my quick version-

I used four separate lengths of round bar, ends tapered to points, then each folded in half,

Each folded length is twisted, two twisted clockwise, two anti clockwise

Pairs of opposite folded ends are welded - forge welding best, arc or mig will work too, but beware the welds being worked and failing.. only know that one from experience!! :(

then "squashed" together, so that they mesh together, I do this in the vice while hot...

I hope this is making sense !

then the two pieces are welded together, and meshed together to form the ear and the tapered ends pulled out a little. Then I weld on the stem.

There may be an easier way to make them but that was how I was shown- simply braiding the rounds would on hindsight be much simpler!!! For the gate I used only two lengths to comprise the ears, and welded the tops and tapered.

I am sure the blueprint will explain it MUCH better than I can!

I had a lot of fun making those gates and a real blast making the mice which are forged from 30 mm bar.
- Colleen

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