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I Forge Iron

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Welcome aboard from 7500' in SE Wyoming.  Glad to have you.  

If you put your general location in your profile we can give better answers to your questions.  Many issues have a geography component to them.  This is a world wide forum and we don't know if you are in Kansas, Lapland, or Tasmania.

Galvanized metal is generally not a good choice for blacksmiths because heating it causes the plating to come off as vapor and heavy metal poisoning is a BAD thing.  The damage is usually irreversible.  Removing it mechanically, such as with a wire wheel, is about as bad because it puts heavy metal particulates in the air.  A respirator can help reduce this but it is still not a good thing.  Galvanizing can be removed in an acid bath but that is a hassle and you have to figure out a way to safely dispose of the acid.

Anything that is rusty is good.  "In rust we trust."

Many stainless alloys are forgable but most are harder to forge (less deformation from the same impact) than other steels.  But stainless does have its place.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Welcome from the Ozark mountains. As others have said the zinc galvanization coating needs to be removed prior to forging or welding. Metal fume fever is nothing to mess with. I suggest reading through this section for better information (especially the pinned threads).



I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails. ~ Semper Paratus

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  I have a friend back home living with heavy metal poisoning everyday.  It wasn't galvynizing, even so, it does not matter.  You are right, Steve.  It is too late then.  It can't be fixed with a pill.

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