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What’s it worth in your area?


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This one is available in coastal California. Pretty rural area. They want $150 but will take less. Since I’m new to this I’d like to be on a steep learning curve about leg vises. It has 4” jaws. 




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The Spring is broken an the handle is bent, both are fixable!

the screw an screw box don’t look original but that don’t matter if it works an they are in good shape!

i have an oleary vise same size I think I gave around $50 usd for here in eastern Oklahoma less than a year ago,

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I consider 80% of the worth of a post vise to be in the condition of the screw and screwbox.  Generally I only buy ones with a bad, worn out or damaged screw & screwbox for scrap rate. As you don't show or tell us about it; it's rather like asking us what a used car is worth without telling us if the engine and transmission work...

4" is on the lower end of the size scale; but is a handy size for the shop and travelling kit.  I have  4" and  6+"  post vises mounted on two workbenches in my smithy.

If the screw and screwbox are in decent condition the spring is a Saturday morning project in the smithy.  In CA I'd offer US$100 cash and tell them that the broken spring and bent handle lowered the price for you.

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So that's what the two little holes under the jaws are for, attaching pipe jaws!

Mine is similar and has those holes.

I paid similar to the asking price on that one. Maybe you could wait and get it cheaper, maybe not.

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