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Is there a decent place I can learn these details? I don't necessarily need to know exact information but a good overview would be super helpful. I know a little about carbon steel that in the 10xx number line xx is the carbon identity per .01. But I dont know the other elements and why they are good or bad. and i'll also reiterate i know this will not make me a better blacksmith, i just like knowing things. 

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Okay I don't remember 20 days ago, I'd have to think about what I had for breakfast if I didn't have the same thing most mornings. I'll save everybody from talking about the dents in my head but I have an excuse.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Making a hammer is a poor choice for a beginning blacksmith, much too difficult. better to with simpler jobs. You could do an internet search for "blacksmith projects for beginners" to find easier projects.


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