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Buffalo #3 Blower


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I recently bought a Buffalo #3 blower. It is complete  except for the  10" 1/2 moon drive gear. If you know of anyone that might have such an item please contact me. Thanks in advance.   email address removed per TOS, to contact send a PM.

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Hey Giant- welcome to the madness. Not familiar with the Buffalo #3 so pix would help.With the request for a 1/2 moon drive gear- it sounds like it could be a wood handle pump blower? I've been wrong before. You might have a hard time finding the piece you need so it might be time to try to fabricate or improvise something. Anyway- without pix I'm just speculating here. 


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Below are some pictures of the blower. The last picture is from the Buffalo catalog and shows the gear that I am missing. I know its a long shot but if anyone ever runs across a gear like this please contact me. I am new to this forum and blogs in general and have already been scolded by the moderator for posting my email address. I guess the best way to get a hold of me is to reply to this blog and I will keep checking back. Thanks in advance.   




gear 2021-08-24 163216.png

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I wonder if a person could find a toothed belt close enough to match the gear's TPI. If so it'd be pretty straight forward to bend up a semi circle weld the spokes to make up to the shaft and lever arm. 

Casting it in aluminum wouldn't be too difficult but not a beginner's project. Getting the pattern right is as always the secret. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Good Morning,

You need to measure the distance between the start of one tooth to the start of the next tooth, this is called the 'Tooth Pitch'. Tooth Belts are available from your local industrial supplier. They NEED, Pitch (ie 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" etc) and the length of the belt (circumference). I used this method to use a toothed belt to drive our 'Jardine' Hammer.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simply Simple!!


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It is 10" from the center of the handle shaft to the base circle of the gear on the clutch drive. I have looking for a 10" gear that I could retro fit and had not thought about a toothed belt. When I fully restore the blower I will have to have a solution and the belt may be my best bet.


I will of course cross all fingers and continue my quest to find an original gear. 


Thanks everyone for your great suggestions.    

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