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Hello everyone my name is Eric and I am posting today in search of help!

The past two weeks Ive been having issues with my burners I have built. The first one was just a general easy burner build I found online. It didnt have a name to it and was cheaply built. The one I just built and am having issues with now is a Venturi/blower hybrid burner. I found the design on a different blacksmith forum website. The problem I am having is my burner is not producing a correct torch flame. At 10 psi i cannot open the ball valve 100% without the flame being own out. And when it stays lit the flame is very rich and it sputters. Can someone please help me? I live in colorado at about 5280 ft above elevation, I am adding photos below.

I have the middle part of the T connection blocked off because when its open there is so much air it blows the flame out. I then drilled holes infront if the mig tip for more air?  I don't know what i am doing. Im really new to this and am really discouraged 

Thank you!





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The forge doesn't look designed to hold heat in too; so you may have problems even when the burner is corrected.

I went with the Frosty T burner design that are posted on this site  *AND* the designer is also on this site to answer questions!

The biggest tip I can provide is to follow a known good design *EXACTLY*; no changes or substitutions. That makes troubleshooting a lot easier.  Also most folks posting burner builds on YT are clueless on how they *should* be built.  If you don't know much about burners; how do you select the experts and ignore the clueless; especially when the clueless may have better production values or make inflated claims?

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Welcome aboard Eric, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you'll have a chance of meeting up with members living within visiting distance.

I'm afraid you've encountered the problem with building from Youtube videos. That is pretty much unrecoverable, keep the components that haven't been modified and start over.

I developed the T burner to be effective and require a minimum of shop equipment and skills. If you have or have access to a drill press, they are super easy.

The "T burner illustrated Directions" are pinned in the gas forges section of Iforge. Right here.  



Frosty The Lucky.


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