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problem with forge. Welding temp


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2 hours ago, tinkertim said:

I like to explain the reasons behind suggestions and advice, and not assume knowledge too much

___And You are doing great job mate___ really clear explanation and pointers. thanks a million for the advice and will do it right this time hopefully ;D

will keep you posted Tink

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thats celcius ...

1285 celcius 

2345 farenheit

is this good?


I have not run the forge today focused on finishing the grinder and finally the build is completed. 

Grinder is all made by myself and my good friend from start to finish, plenty of hours spend on makining it but I am very pleased with how it turned out..

its on a hinge so can flip it down as well



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Looks pretty good from this continent. I'd take a wire brush to clean off the face and a ball bearing to test rebound. 1/2" , say 6-7mm dia. is plenty large enough and you can carry a couple in your pocket comfortably. 

The test if you don't know is to drop the bearing ball from a known height and estimate how far back it bounces as a %. 65-70%+ is good in excess of 80% is excellent. A layer of rust or dirt inhibits rebound so brush and wipe it off first. Check different places over the entire anvil face. Rebound will be best over the anvil's body where there is the most iron/steel between the face and stand. The farther you test from the center, the lower the rebound will be, especially on the tail. A gradual reduction is expected what you do NOT want to find is a sudden lack of rebound or dull maybe even buzzing sound. This indicates the face and body have become delaminated. The bond/ weld has failed or maybe never made properly. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Nope! You need the extremely hard surface of the ball bearing to work; otherwise you may just be testing the hardness of the ball and not the anvil face.

Tapping it with a hard light hammer can give you some idea; but the ball bearing allows you to do a measured test and get values you can compare with. 85%, 80%, 75%, 70%, leaverite%

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got the baby anvil ii waights 70kg (154pounds) cleaned today and bounce back dropped from 12 inches is 11-1/2 inches consistant so i cant complain about that :)

i found makers and could not find it on google or maybe i just havent looked hard enough. ill post pictures but for what i can readi it say "warranto stourbridge 1885" maybe some of you guys would know something.

on friday i have picked up a bigger brother as well and it only have two marks 26 (so probably waight 165kg - 364 pounds) and the other mark is "3" nothing else the bounce back on her is 10-1/2 inches thats great as well both of them sound good 




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