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Finally saying hi


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Just kidding that is not all. First I have browsed this forum for quite a while and I feel I should first say thanks for all the info. 

I am still fairly new to this. I started out trying to make blades, bottle opens and the occasional spoon, leaf. Now I have made a few pair of things that hold metal I dare to call tongs, a couple hammers, a hot cut and a few hand held punches. Oh and one axe. 

Anywho, I am in Texas. Brought here from Tennessee when I joined the Air Force.

Again thanks for the info and allowing me to join. 

Oh the name is because part my finger was cut off in an accident (too long of a story to type)   




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Welcome aboard Stu. Sounds like you're doing well building your hammer skills. 

I once stuck a woodcarving knife through my pointer finger on my left hand. It went through just under the bone and took out the tendon and vein and all. I was unsafely trying to pop a link on a wooden chain I was carving. Anyway I got lucky and a doc was able to sew the tendon and vein back up. The tendon only retracted back to the base of the finger and he opened it up in a zigzag pattern to get to it to reattach. Took a good bit of healing and therapy but it works. I was playing guitar in a band at the time and it took a while to get back to being able to play. Anyway I've since packed up my music equipment and that little carving knife and stick with metalwork. It still has risks but I play it much more safe since that. 



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Welcome aboard Stu, glad to have you. 

About the worst I almost did myself, not counting the tree, was screwing some plywood to a frame for my temporary shop while we were building the house. I was standing on a ladder with the drill and screw bit in my left hand, holding the plywood with my left and to keep balance holding onto the frame with same hand. And . . .  Anybody want to guess? Ayup, ran the screw right into my finger. Out of reflex I tried to pull my finger away but nope, it was STUCK and I was fumbling with the drill while balancing on the ladder. Got the drill reversed and unscrewed my finger but if I'd dropped the drill or fallen off the ladder I would've had to hang around until Deb noticed.

Funny thing, it didn't hurt much at all, I noticed it twisting my finger rather than pain. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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When I had my assembly company I drove a metal screw into my hand assembling a grill for a Walmart I contracted with. There was definitely no pulling it out. Had to back it out with the drill. Luckily I just had a tetanus shot about six months previous. 


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