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This is my gas forge. When i started sevenish years ago, this forum taught me anything i needed to know. Thanks a bunch everyone.  I have now finished my newest forge. Hopefully it lasts. Roughly 1 1/2" thick cast with 1" wool wrap for added measure. Measures 10" wide on the floor by 8 " tall by 14" deep. I made the ribbon burner as many others have. With my 27 hole (i beleive) at 5/16",  it has a 2" opening in which the air and fuel are stuffed. The gas orifice is 1/16". I have yet to fully bring it up to temp. 







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Turn everything down, it's burning a little rich AND the flames are off the burner block. As it stands you have too much blower, ease back and tune the gas for a neutral flame and you'll have a hotter forge with far less dragon's breath to heating shop.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yes i did.  Its working nicely. Brought it up to a good temp and then ran out of gas. Life got in the way so i haven't filled up for a while. I'll try and remember  to post a pic of your typical hard to look inside forge heat when its started again. As with all burners it seems, you have to play with them a bit and find what works. I think once the forgehas ran a bit and gets nice and hot i end up adjusting it again. Not included in the pics, is a spirally paddle i added to improve turbulence and mixing. 

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Had some time today to fire it up again. Honestly, it tals about a half hour to run nice and hot, then adjusting the mix is less finicky. I took it up to three psi for the whole time. This is the resulting image, which seems to be a typical glowing out of focus pic of a bery hot forge. Taken by someone who knows nothing of photography 20220118_203618.thumb.jpg.3dad4f1c74be4cd57f526d1475059ef8.jpg

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