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  1. Dayne


    My bad. It's a sixteenth. The id of the forge is roughly an 8 inch cylinder maybe twelve inches long. I have about 20, 3/16" holes in the burner end.
  2. Sorry, they are both 3.5 " . Same size. Yes I will try to pop in here more often. here it stands tacked into place for all the rest of its bits
  3. Dayne


    No, that's catastrophic scenario. Guys, I appreciate any help I get. This is a super useful place to learn countless things from smart people. I'm not splashing around in a puddle with a wire hanging outta my.... The blower was from a pile of scrapped furnace equipment outside a neighboring shop. The motor that was on it was a 3600rpm. I had an old barn fan with 5/16 shaft that fit the hole. It was 1600 rpm. That wasn't enough, meaning I had my regulator at maybe one psi to get the mixture right. It wouldn't have gotten hot enough to weld like this. Thanks I'll look into those. I met an HVAC guy on site today too!
  4. Dayne


    Fair. It's a LP gas forge. With a fairly small ribbon burner. Everything I get is either reused or recovered from somewhere. Kijiji included. I was hoping to "scab" something together for free and see what I could come up with before I went and dropped $90-180 on store bought item. Generally this technique has worked for me so far but there does eventually come a point when I move on and just buy one. When that happens it will be for a newly rebuilt forge. I recently started taking this whole forging and small business thing a bit more seriously now that it's been a hobby for 8 years. I've only spent about six months in a working bs shop. All I can say is the blower I have wasn't enough at 1600 rpm.
  5. Dayne


    Thanks to all that provided helpful information. The other motor was bad when I picked the whole assembly up. Worst case scenario I ruin the motor. Thanks Dayne
  6. Dayne


    That's fair. I plan on speaking with them during business hours. Once again, just picking the big internet brain for hopeful answers.
  7. Dayne


    I havent. Its Sunday so I didn't bother. I browsed a couple product catalogues and did some internet searches for the model number and how it would typically be used. No luck yet. Figured I'd come here to ask for help. It was of similar size to the one that was on the blower unit when I got it.its 0.12 A less than the one it had but 5000rpm instead of 3600
  8. Dayne


    Who has the money to hire an electrician. I dont know a lot about electrics but this is probably one of the simpler things out there. But thanks for the vote of confidence ;)
  9. Two 3.5 " and a 3 and 11 gpm pump I believe. Five horse leeson
  10. Hello all, I have this new motor for a blower I'm using. The wiring harness attached has four wires. Red, black, green, and white. What might this suggest? Two speeds? If so how would or what would be the best way to go about getting it all together? Thanks a bunch Dayne Non electrician
  11. This is actually what I ended up with after thoughtful consideration of available scrap. Gotta give it a base and the bottom die hold, hoses etc. I'm pleased with the lack of slop in the slide assembly. 20200201_180833.mp4
  12. Hello everybody oh, it's been a very long time since I've posted. I just wanted to have a share of my press progress so far. I opted for a 5 inch cylinder with a 12 inch stroke powered by + 11 + 3 gallon a minute pump. I have a 3 horse electric motor that runs on 220 to go with it. I've seen and heard mixed things about whether or not that much power will be adequate but I figure worst case scenario I buy a larger motor to get me up to 3000 psi instead of 2000. These are a couple pictures where I'm at. Just need to clean everything up and prepare it for welds.
  13. And it's blade is maybe about 9 inches long. Handle would be about 5 ish
  14. So it turns out I missed these posts. Thanks for the words of encouraging wisdom. I started a new job as an arborist apprentice and haven't had much time for forging. I still have that 4140 sitting in my garage, waiting to be made into proper hand tools.
  15. Hey there. The biggest piece i have heat up was 2.5" round 6"long. All you do is add more coke for a bigger fire. The deeper the pile the bigger the fire. I've seen smiths have a coal quench ladle to avoid it getting too large . I think I had atleast one cubic foot maybe two. Mind you, I am also a rookie. The old blacksmithing books to download on here are a wealth of info.
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