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"Antique" equipment/tools going for big bucks... because...?


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The part that I thought about is:

"While working on the 14th floor, some bricks I had to clear

Now, to throw them down from such a height was not a good idea

The foreman wasn't very pleased, he being an awkward sod

He said I'd have to cart them down the ladders in me hod" 

I'll leave the fun part for the interested reader to find, as a paraphrased retelling doesn't do it justice. A quick Google search brings up the lyrics and the YouTube video. 

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Oh listen to the song! It's a little hard to understand the fellow until he starts singing then it comes through clear.

How many times did he get hit in the head? I lost count. I do admire his determination in not letting go of the rope till the end. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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