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newbe shopping for first anvil

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Hello, my name is Jared. I am collecting equipment to start blacksmith. I have a few anvils im looking at within an hour drive from my house and i would appreciate any advise on what anvil you would choose.

Pics 1-4 are of a Hay-Buddon made in Brooklin NY. The owner says he thinks its dated from the late 1890s. He cant find a serial number. He is asking $800.

The 5th pic is of a fisher stamped 1910 and 25( i think), it weighs 250lbs. The owner painted it all black except for the top. He is asking $700. It comes with the stand.

Pics 6and 7 are of a Peter Wright 150lb. I dont have anymore info on it. It comes with the base. He is asking $700


I havent done any rebound testing, I dont have a ball bearing.


anvil 2.jpg

anvil 3.jpg

anvil 4.jpg

anvil 5.jpg

anvil 6.jpg

anvil 7.jpg

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Hi Jared, welcome to the forum. Now this is just my opinion, but if I was you I wouldn't buy any of them. Many people will tell you that an older anvil is a better but that's not always the case. I would be looking into buying a new cast steel or cast ductile iron anvil with that budget. Plenty of choices in the USA. 

For example a brand new cast steel Emerson anvil, 100lb can be had for around $870


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i like the Hay Budden. 

Sure you can buy new anvils that are good quality. Problem is that the comparable prices are light farrier anvils and that will limit you in what you can do on them. People will tell you they forged a boat anchor on a railroad track, but the facts are a tad different. 

What else have you found? 

7 minutes ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Out of all of them, I would pick the Hay Budden (Farriers anvil),  although at $5.40 a pound it's over priced I would offer $500. The Fisher has too much damage and the Peter Wright has some damage too.

Unfortunately, everything seems to be overpriced. Whoever quotes the date of manufacture instead of the weight and condition, is trying to pretend "antiquity" has some sort of value. 

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After i posted this, i found an farm estate sale on CL with an anvil, swage block, metal work table with vise and a band saw. I connected my trailer and drove 2.5h to his barn. i didnt know about the band saw until i arrived.

The anvil is a Hay-Buddon 104 serial number 12407 (see pic).

Thats all the pics i have tonight. tomorrow i will post more of the anvil, block, vise and band saw.

All for $300. He through in 3 tongs, 3 hammers, 3 hammer heads(need handle) and a bunch of stock metal.

104 lb.jpg



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Awesome deal. The edge of the anvil is a bit chewed up, but you can work around that (especially if you make a hardy block for when you need a good, clean edge to forge on). 

Good job moving quickly on the deal. I look forward to seeing the rest of your haul.

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It turns out the pic I posted of the rusty fisher isnt the actual one im looking to buy. After stopping by the sellers house today i really wish i took pics of it. I was there to buy a forge. The anvil i was looking at today has a horn in good shape, not deformed on the end. Plus its date is stamped 1910 and 250. I will post pics asap.

Pics of items I picked up at estate sale.











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Looks like you made out like a bandit! Some good looking tools there! Looking forward to seeing your shop all set up.

While one edge of the anvil has... some signs of use haha, it looks like the other one is in pretty good shape, but maybe that's just the picture. Either way, she still has a lot of life life in her! 

I am also a little jealous of the flatter, put a handle on that bad boy!

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Good move passing on the others you showed us, especially the one welded to the stand. <shudder>

I would've loved having part of that when I was starting out but I lived in Alaska and that trove would probably go for maybe a couple thousand here. There's a local Craigslist selling an 80lb.PW for $700. 

I hope you bought a lottery ticket that day!

Frosty The Lucky.

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It's the norm here, a nice 5" Columbian let vise was on Ebay and Craigslist for almost 2 years for $1,600. It finally just disappeared, I expect someone showed up with a $100 or two and took it home. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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