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I Forge Iron

"Kid smiths" Count... How many of us are on Iforge?

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I almost belived I was the youngest here....
I'm 14 & 4 months (to the day) and have been blacksmithing for 2 months 10 days.

P.s. anyone know where I can get another anvil? my cast iron one is starting to fall apart, its to light for all but one of my hammers and that hammer is to light for me...

EDIT: any one have any thing to do with plow bits and Pre-1960 hydrolic shaft?
This quote is from page two of youngest practicing smith

Also YungSmith14 and tetnum Are also "kid smiths" bringing the count up to 6!

Edit: Is Sabre a "Kid smith"?
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Welcome Sabre! the banner: *!*!*!This banner has been removed due to Pixel deformation!*!*!*

I just sent the KAOA an email... Yes thats how i am most of the time, Yes people tell me I'm scaring them, Yes I'm joking about the title; but I won't mind if you took me seriously.

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My wife Deb says I act like a child all the time so I may put that banner on my signature. At 48 I still feel like a kid inside its just the bones and joints that are feeling their age.

Good to see so many younger folks doing this isn't it?

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It sure is, I wish I had a youngster or two in my neighborhood to infect with the iron bug.

My Deb doesn't say it to me so often, I tend to gloat when it comes up, but I'm only old on the outside. Pre to early teens were the best times of my life outside school anyway. I try to maintain the sense of discovery and awe and hope to take it to the grave with me.

Life is good, take BIG bites!


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Good job Sabre! Its a bit small but much better than what i did!
P.S. Frosty, Doug, Us young'uns will need someone to keep us in line!

Also i would like to note: to all those who are shocked at me being a 14Y/o guy, Before Mom and Dad got me my forge i researched blacksmithing for two years,

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Frosty can bairly keep is truck in the lines what makes you think he can keep so realy smart kids in line? You know he did work for the state right? Ever seen the state worers on the road? you know 13 guys standing around watching the 1 guy dig a ditch. I have a feeling Frosty was the guy in the ditch. :D

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The attached pics are of an "artbook" I did for a little get together summer before last. I had zero idea of what to put in an "artbook". Sure, it's supposed to say something about you, your work, goals, etc. whatever. Me? I've been working a paycheck job since getting out of school, Heck, years before graduating. Anyway, I haven't even taken an art class since jr. high let alone being an "artist."

I'd just retired and was getting the usual ribbing from my friends about leaning on shovels, sleeping in pickup cabs, etc. The light came on while I was retelling the shovel joke.

This is the result, it's the period at the end of that chapter of my life and a fun poke in the ribs for everybody who believes all the tales told about state employees. (do note I did NOT say state WORKERS ;))

In case you can't read it the forged letters say DOT. RET.




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