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I Forge Iron

Big Yellow Iron failure


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Just thought folks might appreciate this. 

~5000lb 18L diesel, hydrolocked and bent a rod, as well as the crank. 

The rods and crank are forged. The crank is 47" long, and the main journals are just over 4.75" diameter. High quality steel, forged well, heat treated and shot-peened. 

Talk about some force to distort those pieces cold. Well, ~200°F operating oil temp anyway. 






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No worries Neil, the operator is healthy and well- not happy, he is in the old compactor until we get this sorted, but he is well! 

Certainly. The engine is mated to a 3 speed planetary gearset, as well as 5 hydraulic pumps. While I couldn't nail down an accurate rotating inertia energy, I can tell you it is SUBSTANTIAL. Even at low idle, you are looking at 700RPM, and we are talking over a quarter ton of rotating components. 


Your backhoe (if the right color of yellow!!) Is a 4.4L 4 cylinder manufactured in England. A Perkapillar as it were haha

Though.... if you mean an excavator/track-hoe, it would be an AWFULLY big unit to have an 18L in it!! 100 ton plus class! 


Chris, if you make a 600HP(1500RPM), 2400ft/lb(1300RPM) Go-Kart.... I WANT A RIDE!! 



Unless the EGR cooler fails, these babies can make that kind of power for 20,000+ hours of use. The C15 and C18 engine family is tried and true- soooo many truckers would love to have the 15L CAT back in trucks



IF&C, unfortunately not. This unit is under warranty, and Big Momma CAT is going to want E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G back for testing.... That, and I don't think my JABOD could handle that crank hahaha

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Too bad; that's the sort of failures folks would put on the shop walls as warnings to new people. (In IT we would hang up the "best" disk crashes with a sign saying: "Have you backed up your critical files lately?")

I would not want to ride in a go cart powered by that because at some point---you gotta STOP!

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It turns out that racetracks frown on that sort of thing---like bringing a cannon to a shooting range.

Probably need some good design engineering not to flip it when you pop the clutch....I've seen the V8 motorcycles; but after seeing a Saturn 5 launch in person everything below a million hp is just paltry...

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Yeah, Saturn 5 would have been an incredible sight. Amazing the engineering, sticktuitiveness, and genius that went into that series of monsters. And what they overcame. To think, with the primitive systems they had at the time they still were able to detect and shut down pogo'ing before catastrophic failure. 

There is a C12 Rat Rod out there that would be pretty cool to duplicate. Or maybe Pissed Off Pete (8V71). Just get the appropriate flywheel housing and an RTLO22918 will mount right up. 


Looked it up, the crank is 495lbs. So between it and all the rotating assembly in the powertrain, it is probably closer to 1/2-3/4 ton of rotating mass, in neutral and parked. 


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