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List of makers currently producing anvils

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 I am in the market for a new anvil and quickly found myself overwhelmed.  I was having difficulty keeping up with weights, prices, patterns, etc., so I composed a spreadsheet of all new anvils available for purchase on the US market.  I thought I'd share it here for anyone who might find it useful in their own pursuit.  I tried my best to make sure the information I included is accurate, but of course, there may be mistakes.  I encourage anyone to use, change or share the list if they have the capability to do so, as I'm sure I will not always be around to keep it updated.  However if there is a request to add something, feel free to contact me and if I am available, I will try to make changes as needed.  I included an XLS spreadsheet for those with Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc so that you can use the sorting functions, sort by price, weight, etc.  I also included a PDF which can be opened on pretty much any personal computer whether you have additional software or not.

I should also add, I really wanted to include Perun in the list but Blacksmith Depot has hardly any stock so I'm not sure what is available stateside and what isn't.  I also didn't include William Barhnart's anvils as I couldn't find any clear information on purchasing or availability.

The list was current as of 3/28/21.


Anvil List (1a) (3).xlsx


Anvil List (1a).pdf

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2 hours ago, Frazer said:

We currently have a running list here. Still, nice list. 

Yes, I did see the sticky thread.  I wanted a list with all the weights, patterns and prices and I wanted to calculate cost per lb, so essentially I made this for my own use.  I just shared it for those that might have a similar need.

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No need to worry about any of that, Its a good list and a good contribution. I started the thread but its been added to so much now I wouldnt say Its mine, which is a good thing. I started the thread with the intention of getting the word out that there is a lot of companies still making good quality anvils. 

You have made a good list with more useful information. People looking to buy a new anvil will find it helpful, im sure of it

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Echofive, thank you for your contribution to the discussion. 

We have to think 6 months or a year or more ahead, so several posts and threads have been combined to put all the information in one place and allow it to be searchable. 


If anyone has researched a subject, please post those findings on the site in order to help others. 

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