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I Forge Iron

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See if you can find a local metal shop and buy some scrap from them. Should be able to find some one in the phone book, go there and if they are not too busy, give or sell some metal to you real cheap. Good luck. Make sure you tell them why you want it.

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You only want real wrought iron if you are doing historical work at a very high degree of authenticity. If you can't find it in 100+ year old scrap, (wagon tyres are often a source of lower grade wrought iron beloved of knifemakers for using in fittings), you can buy it from "The Real Wrought Iron Co LTD" and have it shipped from the UK.

99.99+ percent of blacksmithing these days is done with mild steel or A36 and these are purchased from companies that sell steel or use steel and sell it on the side---I buy mine from a windmill sales and repair company 2 miles from my shop as the next place is about 100 miles away.

Buying it at a big box store like home despot is expensive; I can buy a 20' piece for the same price HD sells a 3' piece.

If you are just getting started you mght be able to find a medium sized company that uses it and get their scrap from them to practice. I used to get several hundred pounds a month from a "wrought iron fence/ ornamental iron" place for free (and no matter what the sign says it's all mild steel, save for some real wrought iron they threw out when they replaced a fence a car had hit in the old part of town)

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Wrought or pure iron is great to forge with but because it's not made on a commercial scale any more it is quite rare and hard to come by. Mild steel is what you want; hot-rolled A36 will do just fine.

home depot sells some mild steel, at least i think its mild, it dosnt spark like carbon but its awfuly hard to cut

Probably A36, structural steel. It's mild technically, but the specs are widened every now and then so it could have a bit of this and that in it. It's designed to be cheap and do certain jobs, and it does them just fine.
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