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  1. I take 3-4 pieces of newspaper and lay them in the opposite way then i roll it up into a circle and poke a hole in the center of the circle with my anvil's horn put that in the fire pot and put some coal on it and light the paper with a propane torch, no clue how long I have to wait usually around 15 min
  2. I use aluminum wire now but I want to use steel just cant afford it.
  3. I have been making chainmail lately because I can't blacksmith because ts winter and there's snow all around. I made a video on how to make chainmail easier, here is a link to it YouTube - making chain mail with a simple jig I'll be putting up some pics on my chainmail making set up tomorrow I hope, also was wondering if anyone had any pics of chainmail items they have made like suits or something, or maybe a picture of your set up when you make chainmail.
  4. theres nothing new there?
  5. just asking to let u know not trying to argue but could you use one?
  6. so far i have been using a cupcake tin to make ingots wouldn't it be the same as that? oh and i always preheat it a bit over my forge before pouring
  7. just wondering but y can u not use a cookie sheet? just wondering and i cant sand cast i don't have the sand or a 2 part mold
  8. i was thinking of melting aluminum and making aluminum plates but what would i use as a mold? could i use a cookie sheet(with sides lol)or would i have to make a mold?
  9. i use it too it works fine for me and there's a store close by
  10. well this one it rusted a bit and i don't think has been used for a long time so i think its fine i use it to shovel coal into my forge now
  11. i got a ladle type thing from someone in town that works with sheet metal and i was wondering if i could melt aluminum in it by putting it over my coal forge the pour it into a cupcake tin to make ingots, here is a picture of what mine kinda looks like(this isn't mine its a pic i found on Google that looks like mine) http://www.ynot-fish.co.uk/Bits/Weight%20Article/Cast%20iron%20Pan%20and%20Ladle.jpg
  12. i am going to melt it(at least try when i get a melting furnace)
  13. I used to process and sell scrap. its easy to make either propane or charcoal furnace to melt.plans are all over internet. I have been told aluminum soda cans are not good for casting.Try old lawnmowers,small cycle parts etc. i have not tried casting myself but ingots from these sell better than cans.

  14. lmfao oh well careless mistake could happen to anyone lol(would of happened to me if u hadent said that lol)
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