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Mouse in the burner!

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I decided to give my home made gas forge a new coat of ITC100. The forge has two 3/4" modified sidearm burners using about 2psig of propane. I rarely use the second one. The open interior is 6"x18" with 2" of kaowool insulation.

The first burner lit normally, but when the second burner valve was opened the "dragon's breath" turned red/orange. I shut the main gas valve immediately.

I disassembled the second burner and found the charred remains of a small mouse. I have no idea how long it was in there, but it has been at least 6 months since the second burner was used.

The forge now sports two flip down covers of 1/2" mesh wire cloth.

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Dipped in a nice dark chocolate, hornets aren't bad at all. The formic acid has a good zing to balance the sweetness of the chocolate.

I have to say, I'm always amazed at the imagination and can do spirit of the modern day blacksmith. Most of us would've just left the second burner sit unless we needed it. Now we discover you've been cooking lunch while you work.

Most industrious sir.


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A chap demonstrating at Avencroft open air museum had a tin can hanging from a chain over his fire while he worked.
The can was open at the bottom, into this he would insert a potatoe wrapped in tin foil.
A pin passing through two holes in the bottom of the can stopped the spud from dropping out.
He put the spud in at the start of the shift and checked as he went along - rotating as necessary.

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