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The vulture in the cabinet

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I made this knife seven or eight years ago and it has a story behind....

I thought of a fighter design that has potential to work.

10 inch blade ground  of 1.2552, copper and Steller bone....about 16 inches overall length.

I covered the ricasso and  shoulders with clay to prevent the spot from hardening and keep it tough.After heat treating I discovered that the border of the clay made a  groove in the bevel near the back...too deep to get it out.I checked with a magnifying glass, if it was  a fatal crack, but it was none and I accepted the beauty flaw....the blade was ground too good and the steel too rare to sort it out and start from scratch because of a beauty flaw.

At this time I collected  experiences with more complex ferrules, like this temple ferrule, which is inspired by ancient Thai temple architecture.

They are lots of effort and difficult to make.

The bone I chose had some smaller surface cracks, that didnt concern me and I kept on fitting it to the ferrule.

The small surface cracks never went out, they stayed at my side while deep grinding the form until to the finish....and kept cracking, i filled them up and went to a knife show in Germany.

It still had no sheath but I wanted to show it...I was so proud on that knife......at the show I explained at least 10-15  times that it is no crack in the blade....while I looked at the bone that kept on real cracking. That was no wonder because it came from tropic humidity to German dry weather, in even dryer exhibition rooms....On the second day I could watch it crack further...it was visible! .... while I listened to the good response for the knife and kept on explaining that its no crack in the blade....

Back home in Thailand I wondered where my pride and love for the knife disappeared.....flaw on the blade, in the bone...on my mind:blink:

Disappointed, I  stored it in the darkest corner of my cabinet. 

I covered it with gun fat and in 7 years I only took it out about 4-5 times to renew the gun fat.

A few weeks ago it came to my mind and I checked on it....still no stain, bone stopped cracking, good condition overall....I looked at the flaws and I had no emotions.

I decided to draft it into service.

First I cleared a tree root in the soil that was in the way of some concrete vegetable bed casting in our garden. Several times the edge bit into stones, some sparks flying....that left some minor scars in the edge and a slightly bend to the tip that was too thin from the start....this blade took very little damage compared to what I did with it....and that fighter can chop!

So the sheath is new.I made it  with belt clip and retension spring. The wood is Padouk and can be taken out of the  the ray skin quiver loop for maintenance.....and I had fun working the ray skin horizontally.It gave me a natural outline and dynamic size growth of the bone buds towards the middle.....dyed to some reptile-dino-camouflage, that I like a lot....while the knife has something of a vulture....nothing beefy but powerful.


Now after that knife showed me its potential, I strongly have the feeling, I missed something the last seven years....but better late then never.












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