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  1. I thought I had it all ground out. I wasted two cutting wheels getting it loose, but that bright spot in the center looks suspiciously like the stainless that the hatchet was made from. That's another piece of dumb luck because I'm told that stainless rarely forge welds outside an oxygen free environment.
  2. Despite a major screw up I managed to finish this feather damascus gyuto. 124 layers of 1095 & 1080 with 15n20 in bewteen. Never use a cheap chinese hatchet to make the center cut. I managed to weld this thing into the billet and had to cut it out to continue.
  3. Did you build that or are they available commercially? Nevermind, I found the website.....COOL!!!
  4. Beautiful work on all of the above, but that bigger cutting board really is exquisite.
  5. How do those guards attach? This is the second one I've seen you post and I can't, for the life of me, figure out what holds them together.
  6. You did all that with files? It looks really cool for a first knife, or a twentieth knife for that matter.
  7. The tram up to pill hill was a big deal in Portland when they finished it. Just being able to say you make knives out of the cable would allow you to sell them to yuppies at Saturday Market for way too much money. They won't have to hold an edge because they'll be wall hangings and coffee table conversation pieces, so 1040 will be just fine all by itself.
  8. If you have enough ratchet straps you can roll anything into the back of a pickup.
  9. Should have been 57 layers, but I think chasing down an inclusion brought it down to about 50. This is the last time I use a farrier's rasp without grinding it totally flat and smooth, probably the last time I use one period. There IS a learning curve. This is only my 4th attempt at forge welding a billet and my second at anything over three layers. If I stay anal enough about cleaning my steel to keep inclusions out of a 200 layer twisted billet in the future I will count myself lucky. "you don't have to be good if you're lucky".
  10. Way beyond my skill level. A truly beautiful and functional work of art.
  11. I don't know if a log splitter will move fast enough to become a hammer, but I made attachments for my 25 ton gas splitter that turned it into a functional forge press. I may grind off the fullering & flat tools and make removable dies for it in the future. It's still in the experimental stage, but I've managed a couple pieces each of San Mai and Damascus.
  12. Talked to him on the phone this morning. Seems like a decent guy.
  13. I was at Metal supermarket in Portland yesterday. They don't stock 15n20, L6, or even 1095 or 1084. He said all he had for high carbon was a little 1070. I'll check out Kelly Cupples, Yakima is closer to me anyway. Thanks Steve. I guess I should explore the forums more.
  14. I did a billet day before yesterday that was leaf spring, circular saw, an old Stanley hand saw, and a ground down farriers rasp. I want to see what it's like to use new metal.