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Knifemaking 2.0 Advanced Studies

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Knifemaking 2.0 Advanced Studies from SLSells

Some of this is a continuation of the first book, others are things that were just too advanced for a beginning knife book; most of it is new material.  221 pages, covering topics such as making bloomery steel, mokume, lost wax casting, stabilizing, 5 different folding knife styles, swords, spears, axes, advanced pattern welding ideas, and Wootz the true damascus, and step by step laboratory’s in making ferric chloride & hot bluing chemistry, as well as a section on specialized tooling for the bladesmith shop and more.

Soft cover is 28.99 plus $9.90 shipping/handling to the US for a total of $38.89

Hard cover is 46.99 plus $9.90 shipping/handling to the US for a total of $56.89

The paypal account is:  slsells AT fenrisforge DOT com  (you should know what to replace here)

A portion of the price goes to fund the Iforgeiron website.

Non US Postage as of Dec 2018

Priority post has been taking 3 business days to deliver, and has tracking. First Class has neither tracking or speed, but in some cases can save money, in other cases, not so much.

South Africa -- US postage fee is 62.50 for a flat rate priority.

Canada , Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands. Spain, Switzerland and Australia --- Contact Lulu press in your country for their pricing, Much better than having to pay $60 US for postage.

Australia for example is $42.73 AUS soft cover plus 7.99 ground shipping to NSW when you buy direct from my publisher

Your best bet for these countries is to order direct from my publisher rather than from me in the USA, you won't be able to get them signed this way but you will save some money.


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it worked, Sister.

FYI to everyone I just found out my cost for USPS postage went up, from $6.70 to $7.35  for one or 2 books. in a flat rate priority envelope. so I will have to raise the postage AFTER the pre sales run is over to $7.35.

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Few book editors have real world experience in the subject matter of the books they edit. I have other smiths and a tech head look over the technical information, and Shannon, my editor, has degrees in English and Journalism and use to work for the Indiana State Senate as a bills editor, before going free lance.   She has no smithing experience herself, but does have the training to see and edit how well material is presented.  Sadly my first book had the wrong fill printed for the first 100 copy's. not her fault.

I figure if both Shannon and my wife can follow a thread clearly, as well as understand my explanations, I have done well.

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