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What can you tell me about this anvil?

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I recently cleaned out an old house and barn and stumbled upon an anvil that looks pretty old. I started researching it online immediately but after hours of reading I still know very little about it and I would love to know more. I was only able to find one like it online. Several similar but only 1 with the same USA stamp. The one I found sold on ebay last year for $150 but the post didn't have much info about the item. So far I know it is a vintage bench anvil made in usa and it weighs 10lbs. I believe it may be cast iron but not sure.. Would love to know the time period, what its used for ECT. Thanks in advance 









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Sami,  he wasn't being obnoxious.  On here the term "Anvil Shaped Object" or ASO is used to refer to something that has a London anvil shape, but is not made of good material to make it suitable for use as an anvil.  Cheap Harbor Freight anvils or anything from cast iron falls into this category.  Since we can clearly see the line from casting right down the middle of the top plate it's almost a guarantee that the object is not suitable for use for real forging.  It's most likely best used as a door stop or boat anchor. The size and material it appears to be made of makes me think its intended purpose was decorative.  Sorry, but I have no specific information on it though.

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Welcome to IFI! If you haven't already, please READ THIS FIRST!!!

Since you're new here, you should know that "Anvil-Shaped Object" (aka "ASO") is a term for something that looks like an anvil, but isn't really. Most cast iron anvils (and yours shows obvious casting marks) fall into this category. While it is appropriate for extremely light duty bench work, it is worthless for any kind of blacksmithing; most smiths would suggest that it best be used as a doorstop.

As for age, it could be anything from ten years to 150. With no additional maker's marks, it probably has little value as a collectible.

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Allow me to get to the heart of the matter.

Cast iron anvils will NOT stand up to smithing, iron. (most anvil shaped objects, (A.S.O.'s) are made of cast iron.

Hammering  hot iron,  on those 'anvils' will cause divots on the anvil edge. Hammer marks will be appear on the anvil's surface after the first use of said anvil.

That "anvil" is not an anvil. It merely looks like an anvil, and will look like junk after one or two sessions at the forge.

Suggesting that it is useful for smith's work is fraud, by both the retailer and the manufacturer.


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Good for Straightening nails and even at that a short chunk of RR rail would be  better for that purpose.  Not very old as I can remember when they started showing up at fleamarkets.  If one actually sold for US$150 it is a clear case of Caveat Emptor.  

BTW; how do you know it was made in the USA?  The stamp only raises the possibility; it could be USA brand, made in Mexico...

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3 hours ago, Sami said:

So far I know it is a vintage bench anvil made in usa and it weighs 10lbs.

Yes, it is cast, as the line down the middle tells you. Material? Who knows, but it is rather irrelevant, at 10 lb it is a toy. A jeweler anvil would have at least a nice flat face to work on, this one has the rocky mountains down the middle. Clearly not made for work.

I agree that It would be interesting to know the real purpose for such object. It is too big for a salesman sample, not fit for working on it ... I got nothing.

If there ever was an anvil that would benefit from grinding the face and horn to hide the seam, this is one. At least such work would make it look like an anvil, not a better one just a better looking one. 

In my opinion only of course. 

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