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Hydraulic rods heat treatment

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i am currently doing a little research for my university about the material used to manufacture hydraulic cylinder for robotic application.

and so far i have found that ductile iron for cylinder, and nickel-chromium alloy for the piston rods.

as for surface treatment we might use electrodposition to enhance he wear and corrosion resistance if the piston rods was made from mild carbon steel for example, but there's no heat treatment for rod or cylinders . what do you think  about that ?


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My understanding is that most of these are heat treated for maximum toughness with hard chrome surface treatment to provide a lubricious and long wearing surface. Sufyan, I hate to push off this answer, but you should be looking to industry trade journals and white papers for this information, as it is a very specific usage that is also affected by the exact alloy used, etc.

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DLC, diamond like coating.


There is a company in Tucson Arizona that I am VERY familiar with the owners/operators. Duralar. They can coat any conductive metal in a matrix that has a carbon atomic structure that is diamond like. It has incredible wear resistance, as well as a natural dry lubricity. Their coatings put chrome coatings to shame. You can use less expensive base steel that doesn't need as much wear properties, and focus more on strength.

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On 10/2/2018 at 9:40 AM, sufyan said:

i will share it when it done

Welcome to IFI... I always suggest reading this thread to get the best out of the forum.https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/53873-read-this-first/ Pictures, pictures, pictures as you can see we love pictures. Where in the world are you located?


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